Christie raises from the dead and finds new political energy as he sweeps through GB


Christie in GB

Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party now has capped his new political energy following the Elizabeth by-election as he made his swing through Grand Bahama just hours following the tragedy on that island. Bahamas Press can confirm Christie lead a delegation asking question and meeting with managers at the Container Port touring the facility. The PLP leader then went to the Rand Memorial Hospital where he greeted staff and victims recovering following the natural disaster.

The visit was Christie’s second campaign swing on the island in the last four days.


  1. It was reported that Human resources director of FPC M.Capron offered the wife and family of M.Young $580.000the day after the tragedey….is that right?

  2. William you talking PLENTY sense….. This site caters to Perry Christie and his followers. When we all know this country needs PLENTY change when it comes to PLP and FNM.  SAME SCRIPT DIFFERENT CAST.

    • You have no guts or philosophy as just look at you now speaking from two sides of your mouth.I laughed out loudly at your statement of this being a Christie site as we all know that BP relentlessly attacks Christie.You better read carefully what William is saying as your PAPA got some serious blows.

  3. @truthhurts
    Using your analysis , I agree with the sweet talking etc, but the man who just gets to the point don’t care about the romance as you say, is not passionate, doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets his way, decides on his own and gets so pompous that he becomes dictatorial and spiteful, and then he makes mistakes too, it becomes all about him getting his way because he always knows best. He becomes almost as bad as the sweet talker. It is just time to change the two. People have to stop holding on to power forever.

  4. Wow. why don’t you people get a life.Here’s the analysis: you know when a woman has a man who is all romantic and affectionate and promises her the world; at the same time he is doing the same for more than her. she finally gets tired of the sweet talk, and empty promises and finally breaks loose.Oh, but then time passes and he comes a courtin’ again, and she forgets all about his scheming and inaction and takes his word that he has changed, so she falls for his sh** again. Well that’s Perry Christie and the PLP. Well we all know the end of that story. It doesn’t work out the second time either.Then there’s the other scenario: the man, don’t believe in all that romantic sh**; he just want get straight to the point. He don’t talk much, but he will make sure that you and all your needs are taken care of. That’s Hubert Ingraham and the FNM.So what yall want ROMANCE or ACTION?

  5. @truth or consequ
    Problem with Christie is he talks a good talk but Ingraham is a man of action. You really think they care about those people. I doubt it. We need new Leadership all around on both sides.

  6. I was there at the Rand memorial hospital when Mr Christie and his Delegation arrived. They told us that Ingraham and his gang had just left before we arrived, and when Mr Christie gave each affected family a large fruit basket which he brought, especially for each of them, one of those receiving a basket exclaimed, “At least Mr Christie brought us a nurishing  basket of fruit while Ingraham and the FNM bunch came and left swinging their empty hands. Christie cares for people more than things, that is what it indicates. Ingraham nor anyone in his group would ever think about those kinds of things; they are too selfish. I submit that he only came because he really was obligated to do so and they told us that he couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital. When Christie arrived, a nurse was overheard saying; “Now this is the real deal.” We need change, BP.

    • Perry will give them the world if he could cause he trying to win next election. Remember when he was in the hospital with that heart failure and came out with the pomp and pagentry and lied to the whole Bahamas on ZNS and promised to help that girl who got shot by Nasty. DA GIRL STILL WAITING. Das a leader who cares right.

      • Stop your lies as Christie did indeed help the young girl by sending her to Florida where she spent several months getting treatment.She is still cripple as the treatment was not able to repair the damaged nerves.the man was near death and because he survivedsd you despise him you hypocrite!!!!!Christie has a heart and that is why FMN s mostly benefitted from his generosity.He did not yuck up persons from their jobs because they were FNMs unlike PAPA.I want to call you some names but realise it is still Easter. 

  7. But Truth, you LIED, you have selective memory, aren’t you a shame of yourself for being call out in your misinformation, you seem to be a political prostitute, don’t sell your honor as a man, if you are a man?. Happy Easter.

  8. Ouch GUYS but I’m just telling it how it is. You could love me or hate me but I know one thing. Perry Christie is out Hubert A. Ingraham is in. I guess you guys have to stay thinking Perry is this and that but it was a reason why the people voted him IN and swiftly out  in 2007.

    • I hope you got hit in your lieing mouth!!!!Yes the Bahamas knows it made a mistake in 2007 but that will be changed next Gen Elects.Stop coming on this site repeating lies given to you by diehard red supporters.If you dont have facts that bear repeating then keep quiet.Please deal with this issue and stop trying to slant it.Only the Tribune,guardian and Punch can do that since they just print lies and hope it sticks.Guess what you are a Manchurian candidate.

  9. Russell, what would be the point of Deveaux resigning if the others in the Dept. stay? I am not defending him or any political party. The fact is the Minister does not run the day to day operations of the departments. As long as we have sooo many slack, incompetent, indifferent staff members in government departments/ offices these blunders will continue to happen. Something has to be done!

    • Being the person responsible for the Met office the Minister should have ensured that written protocols were in place in view of the office in GB being closed.Yes the persons working in the Met office here in Nassau have some responsibility but if the Minister did not put down protocols then he must go.I see that some persons run the risk of being charged with manslaughter with negligence.Ministers set out the Govt policy and if none exist then he must go. 

  10. @Aurelia025 if you read the blog correctly, you would have seen that he who calls himself TRUTH, lied through his teeth about Perry Christie, and if you read that, you would have not chastised those who defended against a lie and called it “PETTY POLITICAL BICKERING” , we, you included have to stop it, everyone feels for those families, but that has nothing to do with the lie told, those who caused those families to be in this position, should take care of them, and fix this blunder for the future, and TRUTH, I am disappointed in you, be fair dude, but I don’t think you can, and Aurelia you need to grow up also, and read and discern what’s being said before you insult others who didn’t start the pettiness, yet you choose to defend the petty one, your true color is showing Babe.

  11. @ ALL RE: @TRUTH he mind did not come alive in his mind came a lie haha vat he name russell wolf in sheep clothing blinded by partisan bias ode to the fool .stop looking to be lead have your own thoughts get out of people posterior be free thinking autonomous but able to come together to complete the objective which is to develop the bahamas Foward Upward Onward Together dat mean you too partisan person with a penchant for hating the plp………….

  12. Why don’t you people stop the petty political bickering and show more concern for the families of the persons who lost their lives, the injured and the devastation in Grand Bahama?  Grow up!!!

    • You people just love to make stupid and asinine charges that are not challenged but when you get the TRUTH you cry foul.You condone wrong and must mature and read all the posts before you come here crying wolf.A lie was told and then refuted by me and you dont like it as it can no longer be used for political propaganda.I wish you and your kind well as all lies will be struck down.

    • And by the way I am pissed off with your phrase,”you people” so desist from using it ever again.It sounds demeaning,racist and oppressive.Class does not mean ,intelligence or superiority or you would not be so tunnel visioned.i just wish I could see you and tell you to your face that you are defending the defenceless.Even Hitler, Osama bin ladin and Pap doc etc. had admirers.Stop being snobbish,petty,and “inferior” as 1967 sought to change all of that .

  13. Ya know BP this is what I like about my leader… This comes natural to him.. People are more important than things!  Just check out that genuine smile. There is nothing fake about that unlike that other fellow.. He just does it for the cameras… Way to go Mr. Leader…

  14. Oh yes my memory just came alive but when Perry Christe was PM how long did it take him to visit GB when the hurricane badly affected GB. I think it was a month. JUST A FLASHBACK!

    • You are one liar as when the hurricane destoyed GB Christie took his whole Cabinet down and actually tried to leave while the hurricane wass still in the area.Thank God no airplanes were in Nassau at the time but were in Jamaica for safe keeping.You miscreants try to spew lies and hope it goes unchallenged but I wont allow that.Stop lieing!!!!!!!!

      • You mean he took his cabinet down off the wall aye. Perry was scared to go to Freeport after the hurricane. It was about a month after for true.

    • We all know that the those in the FNM think and act like the Republicans (RETHUGS) in the USA.Now you have joined the bandwagon of the USA rethugs in trying to REWRITE  HISTORY WITH YOUR LIES.Is this LIE a precursor for your aspirations and drwams  to join the cast of FAUX NOISE (Fox News)?………  You will certainly fit in there quite nicely with the other LYING BASTARDS.FYI ………. After the hurricanes that hit Grand Bahama Perry Christie along with other Cabinet Ministers and along with representatives of the relevant Government departments and corporations went to that island to assess the damage and to bring relief IMMEDIATELY WHEN IT WAS DETERMINED THAT IT WAS SAFE TO FLY  THERE  ………. MERE HOURS AFTER THE HURRICANES HAD LEFT THE AREA……AND NOT A MONTH LATER AS YOU CLAIM IN YOUR LYING STATEMENT.

  15. GussyMae too be honest with you The FNM AND THE PLP  dont have no other person who is ready to be leader as yet. FNM: Tommy, Brent, and Zhivargo are serious contenders but all three wont make a win Branville is inexperience though he would be a HUGE contender for PM post. The PLP has Brave Davis and Obediah Wilcombe but  clearly Brave would have a good chance if he is leader to be PM. Hubert Ingraham might have to stay to make this elections a very very close one or a win or loose for the fnm because clearly no1 else could save them.

    • I dont care what name you use bahamasyouth,you still stink.Always trying to down the PLP Leader and hoping to get laughs.You have no shame, as you admitted getting money to vote in Lizzy.You are a disgrace and not someone who can be trusted you have no shame,you are a threat to National Security as you have shown by your own admission that you are a whore when it comes to accepting money to vote.You have no shame and should again vanish like you promised to do .Just read the posts and make no comments as it is so easy to identify you,you have no shame.Its penance time so ask for forgiveness and a change of heart as you are like Judas Iscariot.You have no shame.

  16. At least Perry is doing something. I see many other persons acting as leader. Finally he is doing SOMETHING!

  17. Amazingly the peoples station ZNS did not mention that the holder of a Constitutional position had visited GB while PAPA was also there.Thank God for the many blogs as I was able to stay current on what was taking place.And by the way I call on Minister Earl Deveaux to resign now.The Govt needs to change their methods of operating to stop these curses from visiting our country.  Why didnt PAPA carry an Independent delegation?Now matter how hard they try the dirt will still be exposed.

    • That will be the only Constitutional postion he will hold, For the MATTER OF TRUST he will NOT see OPM.

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