Christie Rush and The Valley Boys Lose!



Former Prime Minister Perry Christie participating with the Valley Boys during the 2009 New Year’s Junkanoo parade on Bay Street. (Photo by Donald Knowles)

Nassau, Bahamas: Members of the Valley Boys junkanoo group now know that the next time they compete on Bay Street, make sure Perry Christie is NOT on their parade. The Shell Saxons Superstars won the 2009 New Year’s Day Parade, breaking the Valley Boys winning streak. The Saxons defeated the Valley Boys by 346 points, with an overall net total of 4,184 points.

The Valley Boys also received the highest penalties of the three top finishers in the parade, with 150 points in penalty. We are certain that it is possible Christie was responsible for some of those penalties. He has lead the PLP into defeat, oversaw election cases into defeat and now the Valley Boys are rolling down in defeat.

Christie reminds us of the boxer who could not see out of his eyes but after a heavy match he is still trying to make a comeback. My goodness, would someone please tell the “Pussy Cat” his time is up!

Dressed up like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson whilst wearing dreadlocks and carrying the name ‘PUSSY CAT’, somehow Christie found his way to Bay. Now if that was not enough attention for him, Christie again when he reached Rawson Square walked over to the rails where Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham watched the parade and after paying his respects like all “PUSSY CATS” do, he continued on the parade.

For a man who has suffered a stroke, approaching the age of 70 and often don’t know where he is and what he is doing, the LAST THING HE SHOULD BE DOING IS WATCHING JUNKANOO, MUCH LESS PARTICIPATING IN THE PARADE! Does Christie not know people are dropping down dead on Bay Street these days?

Anyway all we say is this, the members of the Valley Boys have certainly learned their lesson this year.


  1. A lot of people are talking about how effective the FNM government of 1992 and 1997 were, in comparison to the 2007 FNM government. People must come to grips with the facts, that, most of the true “movers and shakers” of the 1992 and 1997 FNM is just watching to see these bunch of FNM rookies fail. Some of these young MPs are so “green” one of the opposition members decided to dress like Michael Jackson on Bay Street. It seems the young PMs cannot smell anything fishy, even if you put Cord Fish in front of their noses.

  2. I agree with you BP, it seems the man would do anything just to be in the spotlight. I guess sitting in the stands alongside the PM on Boxing Day was simply not enough!

  3. So my wish that BP would grow up a little didn’t come true. Dang. The Valley lost because the Saxons were just too good. With or without Perry, Saxon was going to win and if you saw the same parade I saw, you would know that nothing was going to stop the Saxons on New Years morning.

    Why don’t you just write a daily “i hate Perry” piece and stop trying to mix it in with everything else. For a Saxons junkie like me, BP is once again trying to score cheap anti Christie points while taking away from what was a dominating performance. Grow up man, this is 2009.

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