Christie set to Resign! CHANGE IS COMING BAHAMAS!



  1. Wisdom,BS father is his father. BS is BS who is a BS’er. Anyone who knows them both can tell you they are nothing alike except rich and related.

  2. Joe Blow, If PC and HI resign then “BS” would have to take over. This is good because “BS” father did a lot of good things back in his time.
    But my fear is, BS has been around so many “BS’ers” I hope he can leave the same legacy as Sir. Roland Symonette

  3. Hate to say and I apologise if I am wrong, but Objective Thought reminds me of them diehards. It’s people like that who keep HI and PC holding on!

  4. Objective Thought, you need a history lesson. our democracy is the third oldest Parliamentary Democracy in the world, older then the US. From 1729 to now, we have had an uninterrupted parliamentary democracy modeled on the Westminster System used throughout the British Commonwealth. The United States began their democracy concurrent with their independence. When we got independence, we were already democratic so your statement is flawed.

    I don’t remember much but i remember that fact. Only England and Canada have older traditions of parliamentary democracies than us.

  5. 2012 is a long way off boys and girls. PC will resign next year. When the recession ends in 24 months HI will resign due to ill health and Symonette will be our PM. Now put that into the mix! There will be plenty of in-fighting in both parties. There are too many “wanna-bes” in the PLP and none showing their hand in the FNM.

  6. Stop comparing us with the US.. Their Democracy is over 200 years old, we are only heading for 36 years….

    We are just a baby compared to them.. In fact I think that’s the reason why we are in the state that we are in, Trying to keep pace with the US!!!

  7. Well let’s hope after all that happened in the USA in which the Bahamian people were quite engaged, that we would have matured beyond lights and parties.

  8. Well Joe, we will all see…. Many will be once again caughtup in the partying, lights, sweet talk, lies and deception come 2012…

    Most Bahamians only talk about issues prior to the start of the election campaign… But they forget all of that when the campaign starts..

  9. You are right Objective Thought, I don’t know the future, but PC should have not lost in 2007 and he did, do you really think that the majority of people will want to see the weakling back. I don’t think so!! My view is that we are going to have new leadership and dynamic at that and which ever party is progressive in thinking will be the winners, but it aint going to be either of those two old men.

  10. Objective thought, you and i both know that the FNM has no leader other than HI. There is NO ONE in that party who tingles the toes of the Bahamian electroate. NO NOT ONE.

    Tommy and Dion done get rejected. No one wants Brent. Who else is left? Branvile McCartney aint saying nothing, Sidney Collie has no sense, and Rev Laing has no credibility. They have no one else.

    The FNM party has some serious bank rollers but no leaders. The PLP have leaders but they broker than a jonser. Go figure.

  11. Joe, you gat some serious issues!!
    Who died and made you king??
    How can you say that PC will never be PM again??

    You do not know the future!!

    Just in case you don’t remember Joe, HI was the most hated in 2002 and he came back and became PM once again…

    The way I see it one of them (PC and HI) is far left and the other is far right…. We need someone in between!!

    But until that person makes himself/herself known, FNMs are sticking with HI and PLPs will stick with PC!!! IMO

    I don’t understand why FNMs don’t focus on moving this country forward and let the PLP deal with its internal issues… The FNM is always trying to put the PLP in the spotlight when they asked almost 2 years ago to be there!!

  12. Media, why is the FNM stuck on Ingraham???

    They never gave Tommy a chance.. They set him up and pulled the rug from underneat him.. And in 3 years they were able to come to the realization that they did not have a chance against Christie unless they brought HI back!!!

  13. That is what baffles me. Altec says he is talking about Christie’s chances of staying on as Leader. He needs to go, all he will do is to continue to divide his party. He is not a Leader so I don’t care if HI was to go today, he will not be the person people will want to lead them.

  14. And we are trying to figure out HOW THESE PLP GET SO STUCK STUPID ON CHRISTIE? We know of a 45 year old in this country RIGHT NOW who can round circles around Christie. Come ON People, WE NEED CHANGE!


  15. Joe
    I have to be missing something. I cannot see how anyone could say that PC is the only option if HI is not around.

    I for one, am certainly not saying that. My post is concerning PC chances of continuing as PLP leader and his chances in 2012.

    I must not be doing a good job of explaining myself. i am trying to look at PC and his chances of retaining the gov. If we want to talk about other members of the PLP then BP needs to start another thread with that subject. the point of emphasis of this thread was PC.

  16. I have to be missing something. I cannot see how anyone could say that PC is the only option if HI is not around. That’s backward thinking. PC was lousy with a capital L and aint no way after people know what they are dealing with will chose that again. Look at the USA, very few thought Obama would win initially against the establised Clinton name. PC will never be PM again and he and his supporters need to face up to that.

  17. BP i think your misunderstanding the point i am trying to make. Considering the political landscape, the worldwide recession that most economist believe will last at least another year, with the PLP being 3 seats out of power, a 50/50 chance HI may not run in 2012 and the ensuing internal fighting that will take place in the FNM for the leadership position, PC has a very good chance of winning in 2012. And based on that good chance, the point i am trying to make is that he would be foolish to voluntarily resign. Thats all i am saying.

    Forgive me if i sound pro PC. I am not defending him. The point i am trying to make, and maybe i wasnt clear enough in my explanation, is that PC is in a good position taking into consideration previous oppositions in Bahamian history, to retake the government.

  18. Well here the point, if your PLP is a producer of LEADER, how is it ya STUCK ON CHRISTIE! Now thats the million dollar question.


  19. Media/BP:
    So until you begin studying politics like us, Don’t question what we say, for it will be JUST AS WE SAID IT. WATCH AND SEE!

    Media, y you want to do me like that? From PC point of view, after scoping out the political landscape he knows he would be foolish to voluntarily resign. Only HI could beat him and if HI gone, he knows he will win in an election. Plus PC knows he doesnt have any credible threats in the PLP.

    If PC is pushed out thats one thing, but if he controls his own fate, he isnt resigning.

  20. Media, you seem to be forgetting that history has also proven that the FNM has not produced any leader who has ever beaten a PLP in an election!!!

    But we do know that the PLP can produce leaders though!! The PLP has produced Pindling, Ingraham and Christie!!!

    So if PC runs as leader of the PLP and a FNM (who was never a PLP) runs against him, the odds will be in PC’s favor!!

    And Media, that’s a FACT also!!! So PC’s chances would be just as good as any other PLP’s would be…

    Now if HI remains which is what I suspect because he wants to retire PC before leaving, then PC’s chances would be lessen!!

  21. Media, agree with you 100%. It is people like Altec who keep thinking he ( Perry) should hang on. He is a divider, just ask some of the MP’s and former Ministers. He tries to make me hate you and you hate me, that is how he dealt with his Ministers, always spreading rumors on them, but never actually taken control. Christie was always lazy and that will never change. CHANGE is coming, the world wants change and it aint going to be two old men like Christie and Ingraham. We need new ideas and innovation, they don’t know anything about that. And BTW, Ingraham has never behaved as if he is afraid of Christie he has Christie’s number and Perry knows that!

  22. Well Altec, your views are your views, but if a fella like Christie could have had in his hand a whole government, and because of those weak traits he allowed someone like Hubert to take the government from him, then he is NOT FIT to lead anymore. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

    GO in any develop country, he would have been toast long time. And that is the very reason those countries move forward and NOT backwards like us. We keep repackaging the BRAIN DEAD!

    The PLP will lose the NEXT ELECTION if a Christie is at the helm, HISTORY HAS PROVEN THAT WITH PINDLING in the 1997 general elections. And I can go into details as to how Pindling lost and why he should have won, but the PLP gatta make the same mistake again before they can learn.

    See if Christie was the modern leader of this country, HE WOULD HAVE FORCED HUBERT TO RESIGN BEFORE HE COULD GET HIS PENSION. THAT IS WHAT HUBERT DID TO PINDLING. BUT CHRISTIE BEING THE LAZY, WEAK, (YOU KNOW WHAT HE IS) he allowed Ingraham to linger right around for a come back.

    So until you begin studying politics like us, Don’t question what we say, for it will be JUST AS WE SAID IT. WATCH AND SEE!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor


  23. But if you was Christie with all these NEGATIVE TRAITS, a MAJORITY of Bahamians believe your political time has come!


    BP you make my point. As weak as PC is he barley lost. If PC can grow a pair, attack the FNM aggressively on its blunders, learn how to use the media and the internet affectively between now and 2012, the government will change hands.

    I also want to bring this to the forefront: No one seems to be talking about the looming leadership fight that is about to break out in the FNM and i am sure we have all heard of the usually suspects in the FNM who are positioning themselves for a run for leadership.

    HI doesnt want a repeat of 2002. The 2nd biggest mistake he made was the leadership elect race being held so close to the election and the FNM didnt have enough time to “regroup.” I think we all know what the first and biggest mistake was. I expect HI to make an announcement regarding his leadership tenure late in 2009 or early 2010 and whoever wins PC will probably beat. Yet another reason why PC will foolish to resign, come 2012 he wont be running against HI.

  24. Joe, as a dicisive as HI is, he is also a dividor!! And just in case you haven’t noticed, if HI was not also petrified of PC there would be no need for all the personal attacks on PC!!

    So your points on PC can also be said of HI!! They are both afraid of each other!!

  25. Altec, I agree with you as far as timing, as soon as Hubert took over the leadership election should have been called. For that reason alone PC should have resigned and should now resign asap!! His problem is just what media stated. Lazy, indecisive and weak. The only two I would add are he is petrified of Ingraham and he because of his weakness is a dividor and not a unifier.

  26. Well “Altec” your not Perry Christie. You are not “LATE AGAIN” Your NOT A SHUFFLER, YOUR NOT INDECISIVE, YOUR NOT WEAK. NO your NOT LAZY like Christie. But if you was Christie with all these NEGATIVE TRAITS, a MAJORITY of Bahamians believe your political time has come!


  27. PC lost the government by 3 seats. In the history of the Bahamian elections when the encumbant gov looses, it always looses badly. In 1992 the PLP was trouonced out of office, in 2002 the FNM was trounced out of office but in 2007 the PLP was anything but trounced. The lost was tough but it wasnt a blow out.

    What is so intriguing this time around BP is that not since the 1960’s has the incumbent gov majority in the house been so small. In 2012 the government can easily change hands again as they are only in the majority by 3 seats.

    The problem with Bahamian politicians (more specifically the PLP) is that they dont have a sense of timing, they dont know when to strike. Thats one of the reasons why i love to watch American politicians, there is no room for error. See how they trying to tie Obama to the governor of his home state even though there is nothing there, they are still working hard to create the perception that there are ties. Bahamian politicians especially the PLP, need to watch and learn cause God knows that HI have handled a few situations badly and the PLP let him off scott free.

    In closing, if i were PC i wouldnt step down. Had the defeat been a blow out, then yes, by all means step down but with the FNM’s margin of victory so small and the world being in a recession that will last at least another 9-12 months, PC will be a fool to step down. But he needs to step up and start holding the FNM’s feet to the fire.

  28. Mr. Christie said it himself, if you listened to his radio interview at the last Jr. junkanoo you would have herd him say that he would step down. No one going force him out, he knows his time has come, and during the next convention you will all see.

  29. Let me share something with you all, Christie opted to relinquish power already ya know. It is the Christie machinary in the party that has kept him in place. Many of whom are money backers of the party. It is they who see Anchor Projects in their eyes and contract money they enjoyed that has caused him to survive this long. All we would say based on the information we have is this, THE TIDE HAS TURNED, and YES the winds of CHANGE IS UPON THAT PARTY!



  30. I think Mr. Christie will resign once everything is in place. I think he will suurender to the future leaders of the country gracefully. I dont think he will mess things up just because of his foolish pride. Everytime you predict BP it happens a year later. I think Next Convention may be his exit and the new Revolution of the PLP will rise. But I still do believe Mr. Christie can still be utilized in helping the PLP to win in 2012.
    I think if the PLP were to use a strategy of having all genrations on lock. The youth,the not so young and the Seniors, then all they have to do is serve and act out the Plan that is best for our country. If they have the Country at heart

  31. Media, you saying that there is a dark horse. I have often thought that. But you, know you should said something else so true, once eyes are off Christie we will see who the real Leader is.

  32. America asked that same question and there arose a DARK HORSE, Barack OBAMA!

    The good book tell a story that, in the day KING Uziah died, I saw the LORD! HIgh and lifted up.

    Second Kings tells a story that when Elijah was taken up in the heavens, Elisha received a double portion of his annointing. And performed GREATER miracles.

    The next leader of the PLP is right there, but party member MUST take their eyes of Christie FIRST!


  33. Well he should, they allowed him a grace period during the cases, both were lost so now he should go out gracefully. You think he will, boy I’ll have to see that.

  34. One year ago we predicted this recession and was scoffed with some saying what we published at the time was not true.

    Bahamas Press announced the Cabinet shuffle and was again scoffed when some said that report was not true.

    We broke the story of the Colina mass firings LONG before the workers knew, and again we were told that we was spinning lies.

    We said that a Police officer is caught up in the murder of Harl Taylor and well, almost a year later the officer was investigated. Bahamas Press got no credit for that either

    And when we broke the story that BEC had changed its policy, turning off the light of thousands of hardworking consumers, Bahamas Press was once again scoffed at, as being like a bag of mix found in members of the WUTLESS media.

    All we say is this WATCH AND SEE, our ears is on the ground and everywhere, and when we say Christie is set to resign, LOOK FOR IT!

    Like mama say, “It ain’t long Nah!” Can’t you see BP is ahead of the media in this country?

    Bahamas Press/ editor

  35. PC aint resigning at least not now. 2012 is he last go round, and the way things going for the FNM i could see why PC diggin in to stick around.

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