Christmas Party for the Children of Cat Island’s Old Bight Children’s Home

Collage Shows: BTC iVolunteers hand out the Christmas gifts helped by Olympian Ramon Miller, Beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts under the tree,Demetrius the Karaoke King helps a youngster get his lunch & iVolunteers serve lunch.

NASSAU, N.P. – The children of Cat Island’s Old Bight Mission Home again welcomed the BTC iVolunteers when they arrived for a second year to entertain the children with a Christmas Party complete with gifts and entertainment. The BTC iVolunteers were building on a relationship developed over the last two years when they made three visits to the children’s home to replace some of the furniture, build a computer lab and assist in the development of a garden at the children’s home.

The BTC iVolunteers and Olympic gold medalist Ramon Miller treated the 12 children to a fun party with face painting, Christmas presents, a Christmas meal, and entertainment led by Demetrius the Karaoke King. BTC staff members, Sherry Rolle, Myra Mitchell, Nikia Wells, Indira Collie, Jerome Sawyer, and LaShawn Cartwright were the iVolunteer team for the day.

Jerome Sawyer BTC Senior Manager, Public Relations said that they will continue to help the children and the Home.

“We were here last Christmas and several times prior and we will continue to look for meaningful ways to assist them,” said Mr. Sawyer.

BTC has a company-wide philanthropic iVolunteer programme where staff and executives give their time and share their talents to help with various community causes and projects.