Church base moved away from supporting Minnis’ FNM and accepted the path of NEW DAY FOR BAHAMIANS!

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NASSAU| The evangelical section of the FNM support has dropped Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.

The group of Christians once had a liking for the OUTGOING PM when he entered office. They are now running away from him and refuse to support his policies into this General Election.

Some believe that strong Christian base is also pulling away from him due to his direct involvement in abortions from which he made a fortune.

Prime Minister Minnis has NOT been a friend to the CHURCH in his 4 years while in office and this is a fact!

One close observer deep inside the faith tells us, “We will not support the FNM under Minnis’ leadership. He has proven to be a GOD-LESS man who has used his seat of power to rule like Herod in our time!”

Christians make up a powerful voting block in the Bahamas.  The Church is one of the groups which has suffered lockdowns and closures and denials to worship while clubs, bars and restaurants were permitted to operate.

Hundreds were unable to bury their dead in a church, thanks to Minnis who plans to keep worshippers out from practising their rituals long into 2023 if he remains in power.

We report yinner decide!