CHURCH pushed the prosecution of a man who stole 6 hotdogs buns – meanwhile people who stole millions FREE!

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A MAN was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in Magistrate’s Court yesterday after admitting to breaking into a church and stealing food.

Elkeno Wallace, 41, faced Magistrate Samuel McKinney on charges of shop-breaking and stealing from a place of worship.

On September 13, Wallace broke into the East Street Gospel Chapel through a southern window. Once inside he went to the kitchen of the church’s auditorium where he stole $6 worth of hot dog buns. Once police arrived on the scene, after a deacon alerted them to the break in, they arrested Wallace who admitted to the offence. Wallace explained to officers that he was starving.

In court, the accused pleaded guilty to both charges. Wallace then told the magistrate that he was beaten shortly before the incident and had no choice but to go to the church. After asking for the court’s mercy Wallace said he also needed a monthly injection for an unstated medical condition.

Magistrate McKinney sentenced the accused to two and a half years on the shop-breaking charge and one year on the stealing charge. These sentences are to be served concurrently at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services

The magistrate further noted that Wallace is to be given his medication while in custody.