Johnathan Ash’s special friend SMILEY BUTLER to head up Small Homes Repair!? PART I

Caption: Smiley Butler (L) amd his friend Johnathan Ash (R).

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning Gregory “Smiley” Butler is set to move into the Urban Renewal Small Homes-Repair programme. The plan is to allow Butler to run millions of dollars in home renovations; specifically for home repairs for the public. Well WAIT!

Someone must forget who Smiley is? Well, we at BP have his file with the long list of matters in it.  We assure those making this decision that this is a WRONG DECISION!

Smiley, who has been home for weeks, was kicked out of the Ministry of Works. We have yet to know why. But now a plan is underway (by someone) to have him planted in-charge of Small Homes Repairs – well what is dis?!

GET THIS: SMILEY once was interdicted by the Government of the Bahamas after serious questions arose. NEED WE REMIND YINNER OF THE DETAILS?!

This same SMILEY was the one who BP wrote on for a SCANDAL that came out of the Wyndham Hotel involving A GUEST TO THE COUNTRY! Try us to see if we don’t have the file. Come test us!

SMILEY BUTLER was the man, yinner would remember, who was a cool cat who had a close friendship with that political slime Johnathan ASH! NEED WE GO ON?!

And we have some records where we know what went down in a GED programme between Butler and a school. Do not test us!

Now we at BP really do not like taking this road, but we advise those making this decision to tread carefully because Bahamas Press will have no choice but to go deeper on this story the day Butler walks into the door of Urban Renewal Small Homes-Repair!

We ga report and let yinner decide!

*Caption: Smiley Butler (L) amd his friend Johnathan Ash (R).*