Clot removed and T’rez Hepburn is resting

Bahamian entertainer T'rez Hepburn resting following surgury.

Will she make a stage comeback? Doctors believe she can!

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms popular Bahamian entertainer T’rez Hepburn is still resting and is now in recovery mode at Doctor’s Hospital.

From all accounts, with sources deep inside, the entertainer suffered a blood clot (aneurysm) that went to her brain on Thursday when she was rushed to hospital for medical attention.

Surgery was performed to remove the clot, we are told, and at this time she is resting though not coherent as yet.

“She is making gradual progress at this time and we are prayerful that she will recover with little damage from the incident,” a relative told BP.

Doctors believe the entertainer can make a full recovery. However, only time can tell if Hepburn had any permanent damage.

Friends and supporters of the popular entertainer are asked to join in prayerful support throughout today and tomorrow for a speedy recovery and return of the songbird.

We report yinner decide!