Club operators on Abaco fined $30,500 for breaking Emergency Orders…

Clubbers in Central Pines violate curfew orders.

ABACO| Abaco has encountered an uptick in Covid19 cases and the cases are so severe we at BP do not believe Health Officials are tracking the cases sufficiently. They are not telling us the truth!

The Competent Authority last week ordered an 8pm curfew lockdown on the island, but that didn’t stop 95 patrons of a club in Central Pines from violating the Emergency Order restrictions.

On Friday those patrons, after experiencing one of the deadliest hurricanes of the century, packed a nightclub in that part of the country violating every law in the books. Looka DAT!

Police, who we at BP completely support, surrounded the building, released the patrons to go home, shut down the nightclub and served citations amounting to some $30,500 to the owners. 

BP shared a video of the incident on our facebook page yesterday, which appeared as an endless sea of clubbers leaving the building before police could enter. 

Covid19 cases on the islands are so rampant some 5 nurses at the Abaco’s main clinic tested positive for the virus. The clinic was immediately closed from the public with a special cleaning team out of New Providence to sanitize the building. WHAT IS THIS?

Police are taking the right approach though. Slap citations on the owners of the clubs and the problems will be solved!

We report yinner decide!