Police holding two for Omar “Punch” murder one suspect from Abaco…

Omar “Punch” Penn

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting police three days ago arrested two suspects in connection with the murder of Omar “Punch” Penn, who was violently gunned down outside the Island Luck gaming house on East Sunrise Highway on Freeport Grand Bahama last week.

We can report police have captured both the gunman, and the said suspect who planned the hit on the life of punch. The violence was captured on live CCTV and distributed to the world via social media; the footage showing the gunman smoking and getting high as a kite as he waited outside the store having tracked the victim inside.

But police are keeping the arrests tight-lipped and quiet for now, after they irresponsibly ruined the life of another man who was stopped for a traffic offence and broadcasted to the world that they captured the killer. THAT WAS A LIE as the killer was still on the loose.

Meanwhile, BP can report a female employee at the East Sunrise Highway gaming house was fired last week for recording and circulating the hit on the popular social media platform whatsapp.

The same female, who should have been knighted by the Queen for helping arrest the killers, was charged for recording the video at the gaming establishment. Some believe the sharing of the video was an act which should have caused the employee be promoted. 

What was strange though was how the female employee, who lost her job for recording the video, was watched and supported by her boss who was also in the room viewing the tape. Gaming operators didn’t fire that senior manager though because he is a “favourite” cousin of the CEO and ya know family comes first.

Anyway, police should soon deliver the pair before the courts.

We report yinner decide!

Police officers in Abaco transporting suspects in the shooting case of Omar “Punch” Penn. One of the men were released today.