Collapse inside the FNM as Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest set to be toppled in East End…


FNMs set to move Brent Symonette as Deputy Leader of the FNM…Party in deep turmoil…

Longtime FNM general for East End Grand Bahama Elkanah Pinder backs out on Peter Turnquest and become a candidate for the DNA Party.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is reporting a collapse inside the campaign of the deputy leader of the Free National Movement, Peter Turnquest, which confirms plans are underway to replace him with Brent Symonette.

Plans are already in motion to remove Turnquest and replace him with Symonette following the May 10th General Election defeat.

Turnquest’s top general Elkanah Pinder, who is a Grand Bahamian from the area, has joined the DNA and has offered himself as a candidate running in the community. This is not going well as poor FNM leadership on Grand Bahama has caused serious fallout from supporters.

Peter OUT and make way for BRENT!

What in da hell is dis today!

We report yinner decide!