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Comedian Bernie Mac Is Dead




Bernie Mac
Bernie Mac in 2004. (Photo: Associated Press)

By William Grimes

The comedian Bernie Mac died early Saturday morning at the age of 50. The Chicago Sun-Times first reported his death, which was later confirmed by CNN and the Associated Press.

Although the cause of death was not disclosed, the comedian, whose real name was Bernard McCullough, had been hospitalized recently for pneumonia. He had suffered from sarcoidosis, a respiratory disease, since the 1980’s.

A columnist for the Sun-Times, Stella Foster, said that a close friend of the family confirmed his death. Mr. Mac starred in the Fox television series “The Bernie Mac Show,’’ and his film credits include roles in the “Ocean’s Eleven” series of movies.


  1. when Clooney say “the world is a less funny place right now” he was right! Bernie was a GIANT to put on smiles on a lot of our faces. Be it a good joke or a cussin joke he was real about it, his thing was to keep the worlds people happy. I met Bernie back in 1998 on a trip to New York, I told him I was from the Bahamas, he said “thats my place of bidness” is you gonna be my Bahamamama? and am like, what da hell I grabbed his ear and started to walk off with him and he’s like hold on momma am gonna be a good bot na! i say das how we be kickin it ok, Bernie says did the camera catch dat cause it’ll be a great show but he backed of from me saying it. He was a good friend and will be sadly missed, I could not sleep last night for thinking about him, we were supposed to meet in LA in November but who knows when your number will be called? His was called.R.I.P. BERNIE

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