Conch vendors at Montaqu report dead conch following dredging in the area!


No Expanded Seabed Lease Granted to the Royal Yacht Club of Nassau…

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning that no Expanded Seabed Lease has been granted to the Royal Yacht Club of Nassau, which has commenced a major dredging exercise on the Eastern tip of the island.

The Yacht Club, which is now operating like a law unto itself, has begun dredging construction right in the sea garden, which is a protected area overlooking the eastern end of New Providence.

The construction is also on the tip area where both fishermen and beachgoers frequent on the Montaqu foreshore.

There are no silt curtains to secure the construction site and one must wonder who in the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Works has allowed this crime to continue without interruption.

Someone in the world of the Environment in the Bahamas must have concerns about this. Where yinner think the Environment Minister is these days? Ya think he has seen this? Or better still – y’all think he is in the Bahamas?

We report yinner decide!