Convicted Drug Dealer gets sworn into Local Government Office. The drug boys are back! Is the Bahamas once again a Nation for Sale?


Convicted Drug Boy Sworn-in and Takes Seat in Local Government. Where in the Hell is Minister V. A. C. Gray?

MICAL MP V. Alfred Gray must open an investigation and find out how a convicted drug boy was appointed to a Local Government Board?

Eleuthera residents sit in shock after drug boy gets appointed to local government

Eleuthera – When Bahamas Press gets the ball on an investigation we run with it and leave no stone unturned. Readers may cuss us, and they may scoff at what we write, but they know one thing: we write truth.

Today’s article will force supporters of the government to hide and some – we daresay – will begin to question and denounce the PLP.

We have warned the PLP Government over and repeatedly that the end appears to be nearer than they think or believe; but who is listening? One year later and the country appear to be operating on autopilot.

Thousands of dollars of public money have been wasted in a report to investigate corruption in the Ministry of Tourism and guess what? The Minister is in the press telling the country he wants to work with the thieves. Boy I tell ya!

Then we have this situation at COB where no one and they mah in the Government knows what is happening at the College of the Bahamas. The PM say he called everyone to ask them what is happening – and guess what – they don’t know and he doesn’t know.

It is like the Government in under a terrorist threat!


Then we have that expensive NIB report which appears to have vanished in the hands of the PLP administration. Serious and dangerous information highlighting the squandering of public money is contained therein, and guess what – the PLP Government hides the damn forensic audit report, which exposes the workings of Hubert Ingraham at the Board. What should that tell yinner about Ingraham and the PLP?

Boy we tell ya – If ya don’t laugh, you will cry!

But today’s article has sunk the SS PLP ship to a new low. And from what we know the thought of DRUGS and its dangers has climbed into the lap of Government.

The thought of such had not been heard of since the 1980s.

Residents in the community of North Eleuthera tell us, “The drug barons are back,” and from what they know a serious unthinkable decision was made in that community involving a former “CONVICTED” drug criminal.

Bahamas Press has learnt a known convicted drug lord in the community was sworn in for a seat on the local government board in Eleuthera on 15th of March 2013.

Now get this, the Administrator on this island for North Eleuthera was present at the swearing in ceremony.

About two years ago, we can confirm, this same convicted man, was charged on charges of possession of dangerous drugs in the area of Rainbow Bay and Hatchet Bay – BP agents on the ground can take you to the very spot where the incident occurred. But today, this man is now big as Billy in the workings of the Government of the Bahamas!

Well blow me down! And it gets worse.

Readers should note it takes years to have such a bad record removed from the police records, and a closer inspection of the “candidate” should confirm that the local government official cannot serve. But today – Anything buck up goes!

By damn the PLP is in power and if this continues it wouldn’t be long before the ‘Nation For Sale’ sign would be plastered all around the world.

Our Question to the Minister for Local Government is this: How did a man convicted for possession for dangerous drugs – someone with an active criminal record – got sworn in as a local government officer?

And, how did he even get permission to run as an individual for local government in the first place? Is the individual a general of the PLP?

What madness and dollhouse bull rap is this unfolding in the governance of the Bahamas?!

Now we don’t want no one coming on here telling us BP talking fool because we gat the goods on this. We want the Cabinet of the Bahamas to note – and more importantly the Minister with responsibility to know – that we have the pictures of the ceremony and we have vetted the individual ourselves.


We will report and let yinner decide!


  1. Good Morning,
    Your article would have made more sense if there was something in the local government act that prevented criminal elements from participating in local government. A few years ago I questioned the then Minister of Local Government as to whether there was some sort of ethics clause in the act that would have guarded the local communities from being preyed on by such individuals and was told that nothing was thee to prevent this from happening. Then I remembered that when Local government was first introduced by the previous administration a known drug dealer whose name was synonymous with the first commission of inquiry served as either Chief councilor or in some high position on the council.
    We must push for the act to be amended or corrected.
    If the act allows for it then it is legal and has nothing to do with whether or not he is PLP of what ever.

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