Earl Deveaux cannot speak about protection for the Environment


Bacon Coalition finally drags out Earl ‘Helicopter’ Deveaux – Another hardcore FNM!!!

Earl Deveaux is quiet as Exuma Land is being cut away and distroyed by the BELL ISLAND developer.

Dear Editor,

I sat and listened in shock to hear Earl Deveaux speak to “protection of the environment” at Clifton recently on a morning talkshow and I could not believe my ears.

Could this be the same man who presided over the destruction at the Exuma Land and Sea Park? Where the owner of Bell Island was granted a permit to dredge in the protected area?

Could this be the same former Cabinet Minister who knew of near criminal environmental issues being committed at Kamalamae Cay in Andros and did nothing?

I must be dreaming a dream like Alice in Wonderland. Can Earl Deveaux really speak for the protection of the environment when he presided over its destruction while he sat as Minister?

Someone please wake me up and serve some fresh coffee please!


T Graham