Convicted murderer serving time at Fox Hill Prison dies tonight after experiencing dangerous COVID19 symptoms…


Andrew “Yogi” Davis dies after experiencing shortness of breath, chills, a high uncontrollable fever…

Andrew “Yogi” Davis, 45

NASSAU| The Department of Corrections may be recording its first COVID19 death.

BP is reporting the department has recorded the death of a prisoner around 7:30pm this evening.

Andrew “Yogi” Davis, 45, died as he suffered multiple preconditions while serving time for the murder of Jimmy Ambrose back in 1999. Both he and Steven ‘Die’ Stubbs were convicted for the crime.

Davis experienced shortness of breath, chills, a high uncontrollable fever while he batted with a number of comorbidities such as heart disease, hypertension and obesity. He was awaiting a Privy Council decision on his conviction.

Claims of COVID spread have long been speculated at the facility and even the Prison Commissioner Charles Murphy has tested positive for the virus.

We pray for the soul of Yogi and his family in this time of pandemic.

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