Cook remanded to prison following that fire on Laird Street last week…

Bain Town woman Bonnie Solomon left homeless after she allowed another homeless woman into her home.

NASSAU| Police charged Angelique Williams, a chef at the Prime Time Restaurant and Lounge, in the arson of Bonnie Solomon’s wooden home on Laird Street on September 2.

After a heated row at the home, Williams, who was just welcomed to the home a week before, torched the bed inside which burnt the wooden structure to the ground and destroyed the homes of Jilian Newbold, Marcus Newbold, and Janet Serrette. In total, the fire resulted in damages to the tune of $176,418.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes denied bail to the suspect and ordered her to return to court on Nov. 11th.

Well, the prison just found itself a new cook!

We report yinner decide!