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On Thursday, February 21st, the Cookie Kids for Kids Team made a food presentation to the Lewis Yard Primary School to help children in need with breakfast, lunch and even dinners. Seen here from left to right is Mrs. Bent, Lewis Yard Primary Sr. Mistress and meal coordinator, three Lewis Yard Primary students, Mrs. Cindy DeGregory, baker and owner of “Take the Cake”, and the Cookie Kids: Cassie Haddad, Katie Hindley, Michaela Ince, Jackie Blower (front), Keana Pakosh (behind), and Alexis DeGregory.

Grand Bahama Island – “Cookies Kids for Kids” came about after a mother and daughter were watching a local news report on TV where a P.E. teacher, Kelley Albury from Lewis Yard Primary made a plea to the community to help with funds to support children from that school whose families could not afford food for their breakfasts and lunches.

This twelve year old girl, Alexis DeGregory, a student of Lucaya International School, and her mother Cindy came up with a plan, and that was to sell cookies to raise money for the students that needed food. Pulling together a few other friends, who all would earn Community Service Hours required by their school curriculum, the girls spent their Sunday afternoon making cookies.

That week, they spent only one day after school selling the cookies in their school parking lot, and were able to raise $350! These year seven students are very proud of their accomplishment, and are ready to keep on baking.

On Thursday, February 21st the Cookies for Kids Team made a presentation of food to the Lewis Yard Primary School. This donation will go toward helping children who need breakfasts, lunches as well as provide those in extra need to carry food home to their families for dinner. The food was purchased through B.W.A., who gave their best prices as well as made a small donation, and will continue to support the project.

Mrs. Pinder, Lewis Yard Primary Vice Principal, would like to inform the community that urgent assistance is needed for school textbooks and workbooks. They have a list available and $2800 is required to fulfill and assist the academic needs of the students. Also, their school library is in desperate need of books. Anyone wishing to donate new or used books can drop them off at the school or contact the Cookies for Kids Team.

The Cookies for Kids Team would like to put out a challenge to other schools, or community groups to follow suit and do the same or similar. The Cookie Kids for Kids Team would like to thank Freeport Advertising & Printing for the generous donation of the design and printing of the wonderful poster you see here.

Persons wishing to make monetary donations, or purchase cookies to help this cause can contact Cindy DeGregory at 242-373-9717 or email her at Lewis Yard Primary School can be contacted at 242-353-7001.


  1. I live in Florida I graduated from there 2 year ago I am now in the 8th grade. Please tell Ms. Neat I say whats up , I miss my old teacher, continue the good work. bye!

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