Cooper responds to Prime Minister COVID-19 Address


Statement from Chester Cooper, Exumas & Ragged Island MP, PLP Deputy Leader

PM Minnis and MP Chester Cooper.

The people of Exuma are deeply disappointed in the prime minister’s national address today.

There was no legitimate reason given for why Exuma cannot resume commercial activity while other Family Islands in the same circumstance are allowed to do so.

The prime minister appears to be using the emergency powers granted to him to lord over The Bahamas as a dictator without having to explain the nonsensical decisions he is making to the people whom he serves. This pupeteering is unacceptable.

I call on the competent authority to display some competence and either open Exuma for commercial activity or provide the medical explanation for why Exuma cannot operate as others can.

In the absence of such explanation, the Prime Minister’s decision appears unfair, arbitrary and perverse.