COP Calls Media to Press Conference and Says, “Duhhh”


COP Ferguson

Nassau – Well I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle!!!! Bahamas Press has now lived to see the Royal Bahamas Police Force take a SERIOUS DIVE into the deep ocean of lowness. The Commissioner of Police, not Greenslade, the new one, has sunk to an all time low. We don’t even want to call his name for fear we turn into a pillar of salt. 

So on a Tuesday afternoon, the Commissioner of Police, amidst a crime infested nation (yes even the cars killing ya now too) called a press conference and sat there and said CRIME IS DOWN and when it was time to give the statistics to support his claim, he went blank and blinked excessively. 

The media and VIEWING PUBLIC (this was on ZNS News) found out soon enough there were no stats and the COP simply made up this nonsense of there being a reduction to crime and that everything was okay. 

BRING ELLISON GREENSLADE BACK!!! At least when he was COP we got stats and knew by how much crime was up or down and we also knew that ALL CRIMES were reported to the media by the police. These days people killing and raping up people and MUM IS DA WORD from the police. 

Who is giving the COP and the policemen a Gag Order? Could it be the Minister of National Security? Is he too busy wearing tight suits to understand that crime is destroying our nation and that the police should make every effort to solve them and REPORT them so we can know what’s happening where we live. BP guess the tight suits cutting off the circulation of blood to his larger head.

What in da hell is dis??!!

So we at BP are trying to figure out what was the real reason for the COP to have called that press conference. This Broke Down Justice and in some cases NO JUSTICE in the police force must stop! To the COP we say, “Stop taking the Bahamian people for fools!!!” Crime is NOT in any way going down. A man, or two, is being murdered every night. There is a BIG TIME and MURDEROUS drug war going on and the robbers are no longer just robbing, they are KILLING their victims as well. Young men have no respect for the police and they will fire their guns at them first. Bang! Bang!! How can you say crime is on the decline when your officers have to haul, you know what, in the bush and hide out from the drug boys when they start firing shots at them. Officers have to PAY for their own bullet proof vests when they are being paid minimum wage and have families to feed. 

SHOW US THE STATISTICS Mr. COP!!!!! We are like “Doubting Thomas” and need to stick our fingers on the stats and hear you say them. 

Holy smoke!! Could there be no statistics to prove this claim?!! Could he have made up the entire thing?

We Report! Yinner Decide!!