Corpse found floating in waters around Sandy Point Abaco!


Abaco – Police on Abaco are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the body of a male floating in waters at Sandy Point. What led to this conclusion is still unknown.

We have no idea if this was a homicide or a drowning, however, police have assured that they will investigate this incident and keep us the public updated.

Meanwhile, Bahamas Press wants to report to the general public that we have no report [nor does the police] of any homicide or shootings in the capital this morning. Any such report yinner see floating around is baseless and is NOT FROM US! Therefore, treat those updates with great caution. They are fake news and false. And is we ain’t report it then you know it isn’t so!

We at BP cannot account for what others place on social media. If ya don’t see it from us, then trust, it as not FACTUAL! If you see we put something out there do know we have the evidence and facts to back it up – Like the PM car being parked up at LAKEVIEW CEMETARY TODAY!

We report yinner decide!