Where were the police in the 2018 Labour Day Parade? An independent inquiry into this incident must be had!


Why was security and safety not important to avoid such death and bodily harm of innocent lives at Labour Day?

Victims of the 2018 Labour Day tragedy…

Nassau – The tragedy on Labour Day, which claimed the life of four women and caused injury to some 29 others leaves even more serious questions for those charged with the Security of the Nation.

And we at BP must put the questions to the Commissioner of Police: Where was the Police when terror stuck on East Street North? Where were they?

Knowing that hundreds would be attending a planned march, the question must be put: Should there not have been a larger perimeter of security and management of the parade? With thousands of spectators and participants, where were the police?

What were the orders from the top for the management of the annual Labour Day parade? Clearly this parade is not safe! Not safe for children. Not safe of mothers and not safe for spectators.

And it cannot be safe after a driver – WHO IS YET TO BE CHARGED for Reckless Endangerment and Negligence – could get out of a truck to shake up in the road during parade all along the route and not one police thought it necessary to tame the reckless behaviour! This is incredible – Where was the police?

Will there be an inquiry to look into this to recount the facts of what happened on Labour Day?

We ga await a response from the Commissioner.

We report yinner decide!