CORRUPTION IN THE CHURCH Bishop Moses Johnson only got 7 votes out of 92 during the elections of 2013…


NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now looking through the numbers of that 2013 election which church officials appointed National Overseer Moses Johnson to the helm of the church.

Back in 2013, church leaders from around the country gathered in Convention to elect a leader to head the church. We now share with you all  the results of that vote.

Phil Wilson-36; Carlton Stuart-22; Edmond Ellis-10; Kirk Smith-10; Moses Johnson-7; Victor Johnson-6; Ephraim Rolle-1; Leslie Woodside-0; Charles Johnson-0. A total of 92 votes were cast.

Then National Overseer, the late Bishop John N. Humes, announced Moses Johnson as the National Overseer, but failed to publish the results to the CHURCH! WHAT IS THIS? This is serious corruption. 

But watch this: Phil Wilson, who was a threat, was quickly ushered into retirement at the age of 70! And Bishop Goliath Burrows at the age of 70 was told to retire in an attempt to eliminate all threats to Johnson’s leadership. But here’s the kicker: The National Overseer’s brother, Bishop Victor Johnson is still allowed to sit as pastor and be District Overseer in the Church of God – despite his age.

These matters are now unfolding inside a court matter where the Southland Church members have taken the Overseer to court.

Additionally, we can report lawyers are in conversation with the Financial Intelligence Unit to get answers about the movement of thousands of dollars of donated funds following Hurricane Dorian.

Questions are also surfacing on who are the persons collecting the funds for the Aliv towers now on the Church properties around the country. This, too, is still unknown.

The powerful DECENT Justice Loren Klein agreed for the injunction to remain in place until October 27th, 2020 when a hearing will take place on all outstanding matters.

We report yinner decide!