TWIN DEVILS OF DECEPTION – Could someone explain to BP why there was never any resolution by NIB Board approving Executive Bonuses?


Patrick Ward should be the first witness in a Commission of Inquiry held on NIB SCANDALS!

TWIN DEVILS OF DECEPTION! No one from the Ward Board knew about the NIB executive bonuses except Patrick Ward...HOW DID THAT HAPPENED???

Dutty Terlet Newspaper pissed in bed three times Sunday night after executive bonuses payment to NIB executives published by BP were approved by Patrick Ward and paid to Algernon Cargill and team…

Nassau, Bahamas — Following our Board Meeting today at Bahamas Press it was brought to the attention of the CEO of BP, that former Board Chairman at NIB, Mr. Patrick Ward, has advised executive members at NIB to “seek legal redress” after we shared information to the public on the hefty executive bonuses issued by the Board to top management.

The revelations yesterday revealed how suspended Director of NIB Algernon Cargill received some $194,791.66 in bonus payments from an RBC account over a two-year period.

Bahamas Press is indeed not surprised how Ward would now defend his wutless management and shameless abuse of public funds at NIB, which elevated Algernon Cargill to a salary scale that was far above his contractual salary and near to that of the president of the United States of America. Only Michael Misick of the Turks and Caicos Islands have done the same and we all know what has happened to him.

The revelations now place the spotlight on both Cargill and former Chairman Patrick Ward, who we know the persons at Bahamas First Insurance are now looking at cockeyed.

Not only were the bonuses shamelessly and scandalously awarded, but it calls for a wider probe into NIB that should now involve questions from every member of the Patrick Ward’s Board; some of whom have told Bahamas Press they know absolutely nothing about any resolution by them to award executive bonuses.

How could only Cargill and Ward know what no one else on the Board knew? Someone’s hands were deep in the cookie jar. And guess what? Hubert Ingraham was the Minister with responsibility for NIB!

Additionally, we take exception to the Dutty Terlet Paper’s presentations today. We warned the Terlet Paper and its editorial crew where to look and who to go after weeks ago. They didn’t listen. They decided to shoot the man delivering the message and not focus on the message.

Tons of public money at NIB was thrust into the pockets of its suspended Managing Director.

Thousands more were issued in bonuses to Algernon Cargill.

Thousands more were placed in his care on a Corporate Credit Card – some $240,000 – with NIB not knowing where the damn money went! Funds which vanished like Houdini!

Thousands more were shelled out in padded contracts to one electrical company whose owner was a close friend and buddy of Cargill since the days at CIBC! We are coming with story also.

And this is just the beginning.

Since Patrick Ward is so interested in advising legal redress, perhaps he would and could answer the following questions now placed in the public domain by Bahamas Press:

1) Were you, Mr. Patrick Ward, issued an NIB Corporate Credit Card and can you advise the public what was the dollar value charged to that card during your tenure at NIB?

2) Could you name the members of the Board who approved the executive bonuses paid to Cargill and his top management team?

3) Was the Cabinet of the Bahamas aware of the executive bonuses paid to Cargill and if yes, when?

4) Can you show us the proof that a Board Resolution was ever approved to issue the bonuses and if so name the date and time when it was done.

5) Who was the person[s] who issued the letter of instruction to the Royal Bank of Canada to pay out of the Executive Account the funds for the executive bonuses?

6) Did you authorize the selection of two members of the board to investigate a company out of Jamaica to advise the Board of a system to service the National Prescription Drug Plan? If yes, can you advise the public why did those two members resign following their return to the Bahamas?

7) Can you, Mr. Ward, advise the public whether both Members of your board vacated the board to receive a padded contract by NIB? If yes, can you confirm if that contract involved them as owners in the new company they went to investigate on behalf of the Board in Jamaica?

Perhaps Mr. Ward could begin seeking his own legal exploits against Bahamas Press and not advise members of the Executive Team at NIB!

We know the constituents he represents over at Bahamas First do not run boards the way he did at NIB – and they too are watching him closely.

Lastly, we are not surprised by the Terlet Paper, who we watched since we first broke this story, walked Algernon Cargill, Hubert Ingraham and Patrick Ward up to the high altar together in a wedding ceremony. We waited for them all to exchange vows and consummate the marriage. Now that they are all one, we – joe public – have more to tell, because the Tribune for one must explain how did they come to the conclusion of quoting the ‘Data Protection ACT’, when just a few days ago they were revealing the expenditures of the present Chairman and was not concern then?

How could data and information be demanded for public officials everywhere else in government except when it comes to Algernon Cargill? After all, the Terlet exposed BAF Financial on a deal that NEVER HAPPENED! Yinner better put down that peace pipe!

It was them [The Tribune] which on May 7th, 2012 said and we quote:

“But as journalists, we thought we’d introduce our own wish list – issues we feel should top the agenda for the next government of the Bahamas…….

“In practice, therefore, unscrupulous governments can still insulate themselves from allegations of corruption or incompetence, much as they do now. Perhaps a few small fish will fry, but the big fish will continue to cruise along without a care.

“The new government should move to enact the Freedom Of Information [FOI] immediately, then bring amendments creating an appeal process that allows applicants to take their case to the courts.

“Only then will the citizens of the Bahamas be truly empowered to take part in their democracy and hold their elected officials accountable.”

That was the Tribune on May 7th 2012 – we tell yinner! So where they ‘gern’ with they foolishness of Data Protection now?

And so as we read the diatribe spewed from the editorial pages of the dutty terlet paper called the Tribune, we wondered to ourselves: “What would cause a paper – of half dead incompetent brain-dead buffoons – to seek data protection for someone one day and wake up tomorrow morning screaming for Freedom of Information for Journalist?

That sounds like someone suffering from a serious case of ‘old-timers’ and should sign-in at Sandilands and take ya meds on-time with food. The dinosaur writers at the Tribune must have pissed in the bed three times last night and could not help but notice the stench and dampness they face today; their days of controlling the media are ended. And their former Prime Minister has fallen on his own sword – after being chased out of town by the citizens of the Bahamas.

He is NO MORE and we ga tell yinner this: “Someone gats to go to jail! Yinner hear me?!”

We report yinner decide!