Couple caught two Abaco Peeping Toms as they watched them having sex inside a home in Hope Town…


ABACO| Two young Abaco men will serve six months in the Department of Corrections after they watched live sex of a couple at a home in Hope Town.

Robin Jeantil, 21, and Richard Charles, 22, were jailed after admitting to the charge of voyeurism as they stood before Magistrate Ancella Evans.

The couple in the position of enjoying dangerous backshots when they realised they were being watched by the Peeping Toms, who broke a window screen as they watched the live, rude and wild sex by the couple.

The pair was sentenced for six months on the voyeurism charge and fined an additional $50 or 14 additional days in prison (each) on the trespassing charge.

Well, the Peeping Toms no longer have to watch sex from the window – they now will get a chance to become “The Experiment” behind bars at prison. Well what is this? This time the prisoners and the the guards will be watching dem!

We report yinner decide!