Court decides Bowleg is no longer rector


Archdeacon_1<<< Archdeacon Etienne Bowleg now former rector of Holy Trinity parish.

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking News…Supreme Court Jon Isaacs dismisses Archdeacon Etienne Bowleg’s case just minutes ago.

Bahamas Press understands effective immediately Bowleg will no longer be the rector of Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

BP understands Bishop Laish Boyd is now headed to the church to have all locks changed as he assumes full control of the parish. BP also understands an audit of the books dating back to 1979 will commence immediately.


  1. when the church gets to this point its terrible Father Bowleg is a very compassionate man . has first hand experirenc of that. despite the rhetoric Bishop Boyd and the rest of the ather priests carry on as if they have just seen big money we all know Holy Trinty Church collects over a  MILLION in offering every year . it is all about the money . Has nothing to do with God . FOLLOW THE MONEY  

    • And what about what is right and wrong? I dare you to try to stay past retirement age, or to lie about your age for your own gain.

  2. If the people want Father Bowleg there then the Anglican diocese headed my Bishop Boyd should not disfranchise Father Bowleg.  Also, Father Bowleg must start to compromise with his senior officials more. I dont beleive churches should be in the courts but we must stop this bickering.

    • You have missed the point.   Bowleg passed the mandatory age for retirement and tried to back-date his birth.  He was the one who brought the matter to the courts when he defied both Archbishop Gomez and Bishop Boyd.  The Bishop  is the head of the Anglican Church in The Bahamas and, when they are ordained, all Priests promise to obey the Bishop and abide by the rules and regultions of the Church. In any case, I am glad that the matter has now been resolved.    

  3. This news is very saddening. The members of Holy Trinity will miss Father Bowleg having control over the parish. No one will be able to fill the shoes and plant the seeds he has sown and planted in the members and the church. He will remain in our prayers.

  4. LoL..Yes, Mr. Roberts. let us continue to pray Gods Grace on Fr. Bowleg & his family. The Lord surely works in mysterious ways. + Cornell of Guyana blood presure is at it’s lowest for the first time in 10 years. God is Good!!

  5. This is indeed very sad. Rev Etienne Bowleg valuable contribution to the Anglican Church has been terribly diminished. For someone whom I known from age sixteen and worked with to have always been older than me and out of the blue became my junior was difficult for me to fathomed. Let us pray for Archdeacon Bowleg and the members of Holly Trinity.

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