Court of Appeal rejects Minnis mouthpiece for a second time…

Charged with threats of death is another FNM operative Omar Archer. He had a top job in Ministry of Works although he has a criminal record! file photo

NASSAU| The Court of Appeal has rejected another attempt by FNM mouthpiece and liar Omar Archer to stop his trial for criminal libel.

The Court has refused to grant Archer leave to appeal its ruling that his libel trial should proceed.

Archer maliciously claimed in a 2015 Facebook that a woman had AIDS.

After a magistrate ruled that he had a case to answer, Archer failed to show up for his defense, prompting the court to issue an arrest warrant.

When he was picked up on the warrant in 2017, Archer delayed the trial by launching a constitutional challenge.

He claimed that the libel law violated his constitutional right to freedom of speech.

The ridiculous argument was rejected by both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

Archer has to petition the Privy Council directly since the Court of Appeal refused him permission to appeal.

If convicted, Archer could be headed to jail as the offense carries a two-year prison sentence.