'CRAZY HEAD and STICKY HANDS' – FNM Smoke and Mirrors – NIB / Elizabeth By-Election Connection Exposed!


Ingraham-12-1<<< Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham driving the country into the ground on a one way ticket to HELL! ‘CRAZY HEAD and STICKY HANDS’.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is not surprise to hear persons who call themselves agents of Trust while the Bahamas and all what we had are being wasted away by them. They are once again knocking on doors asking the Bahamian people to lend their TRUST. This time they tell us Dr. Dwane Sands is the candidate of their choice to join the TRUST machine suggestive of the FNM to government with ‘STEADY HANDS AND STEADY HEAD’.

Bahamas Press warns the people of Elizabeth that such a notion or suggestion could only be a figment in the imagination of someone who we believe has a ‘CRAZY HEAD and STICKY HANDS’, and here’s why.

Since early December your Bahamas Press had read the playbook of Hubert Ingraham. We, unlike any other media in this country, assured you that Malcolm Adderley would resign from the House of Assembly. We told you he shall abdicate his seat for a chair on the judicial bench with the ‘VIZGY’ HEAD PEOPLE! We told you Hubert Ingraham would not grant Justice Cheryl Albury an extension on the bench.

We whispered come early in the year [2010] Hubert Ingraham would indeed force the country into an unnecessary by-election. We again say the by-election shall be held on Feburary 5th, 2010. And we will also confirm, prophetically, that PLP candidate and son of former Cabinet Minister Marvin Pinder, Mr. Ryan Pinder, shall sit in the seat left vacant by Malcolm ‘Selfish’ Adderley.

There is an old saying that suggests there’s a ‘Big Fella’ in the clouds is watching, nevertheless, Hubert Ingraham and his band of sticky hand goons have failed to realize this. BP has once again scaled the walls of the National Insurance Board to investigate some deep, indeed criminal, incestuous ties it has with this Elizabeth by-election and here another BIG story where Bahamas Press hits the spot.Wilmott

You would remember how we told you we became concerned with FNM goon, Floyd Wilmott, who was given an $8.6 million contract at Sandilands. The building was previously cost Bahamian taxpayers $7 million to construct. We know Wilmott was issued the contract at $1.6 million more, although the building was almost 50% completed by it former contractor. Boy, something fishy here.

Furthermore, FNM sources advised BP of how the contract was awarded to facilitate the money on the ground for an upcoming by-election in the area. Mugabe himself is the minister with responsibility for NIB and minister of finance who cooked the deal for Wilmott and has orchestrated the events now unfolding in history. No wonder he’s all tight-lipped about discussing Algernon Cargill’s thirsty delights for Fiji water and to this day, months since allegations swirled over the squander of money at NIB, Ingraham has yet to address Parliament and the Bahamian public on the matters raised. For the benefit of our readers, we want to note here Algernon Cargill and Floyd Wilmott are first cousins. And, Willmott has recently renovated Hubert’s house. [Here again members of the WUTLESS MEDIA sit on their guava duffs at FNM headquarters on Mackey Street and refuse to question the PM on these matters, WHAT WUTLESSNESS!]

Bahamas Press, therefore, has decided to give you more details into this blatant waste of the ‘COOKIE JAR’ for a by-election and Ingraham’s nasty abuse and hemorrhage of funds at NIB.

cargillWe again scaled the walls of NIB and did our search on the database systems to see just how much money Telco Enterprises [Floyd Wilmott’s company] was paying in contributions. We discovered prior to the company’s signing of the $8.6 million contract at Sandilands, Telco was not in good standing with NIB. We also learned prior to the government’s granting of the contract Wilmott was listed having only five [5] employees whose contributions at NIB stood at minimum wage.

Further investigations revealed after Ingraham goon Wilmott signed the contract and collected $800,000 of the government’s money. However, his company is still is listed with NIB to date [Friday 15th, Jan. 2010] as having only FIVE [5] workers at minimum wage.

Now we smell a rat, a dog, a cat and you-know-what all at once. And with this information in hand we at BP know all the following must be true:

  • 1) The FNM goon and Ingrahamís henchmen, Floyd Wilmott, has washed the money awarded for the contract at NIB to fight the by-election in ëLIZZYí [Elizabeth].
  • 2) Floyd Wilmott and his Talco Enterprises Company are defrauding NIB.
  • 3) The FNM henchmen will not complete the building, which never could be priced to taxpayers $8 million to complete.
  • 4) Wilmott was asked to hire workers in ‘Lizzy’, but refuses to pay NIB contributions for all workers now employed at the site.
  • 5) Wilmott rarely frequent the work site but is campaigning viciously on the ground in the Elizabeth constituency.

How could a government lead by such an arrogance man rape, pillage and plunder the public funds in this manner? Hubert Ingraham and the WUTLESS FNM cannot be TRUSTED!

Bahamas Press once again demands a public commission to investigate the SCANDALOUS OPERATIONS at NIB. INCLUDING CONTRACTS ISSUED TO KENUTH KNOWLES, PORKY DORSETT, IRAM LEWIS, CHARLTON MORLEY AND JEFFERY LLOYD, just to name a few. We call for this Commission to possess powers to prosecute, to send for people and papers to sit from place to place and stop the hemorrhage of funds at the nation’s social security institute.

As we said before, Cargill seems to possess the pernicious greed to splurging public funds for his own gluttonous desires of fun and frolic and to delight the deep pockets of strange acquaintances, whilst the poor and desperate cannot get payments on their legitimate benefits. However, we now see further the Prime Minister is avoiding the questions and is again standing naked in the front of Bahamas Press with raging public disapproval.

And so while Justice was riding somewhere up in Elizabeth with the Prime Minister, who could be overheard cussing the people of Elizabeth, a band of ‘STICKY HANDS’ tagged along like a caravan making a spectacle of themselves in public. WE CRY SHAME ON THEM ALL!

Bahamas Press’ probe into NIB and its shedding of PUBLIC FUNDS [By use of the COOKIE JAR] in the Elizabeth by-election will continue tomorrow. Tomorrow’s article will dangle deeper into the workings at Ingraham’s ministry and expose the CORRUPT ways of a failed FNM government!

A government we know, which has a ‘CRAZY HEAD and STICKY HANDS’.


  1. thats all goin on at NIb now?  What has the Queen of NIB[Mrs king] been up to lately? Have anyone else from Colina  been hired on “Contract” at the Board. Why have two Managers been transfered from the HR Department?  Mr. Minister………………

  2. @BP – NIB union boss, John Pinder (NIB Board Memeber) and Director in private talks to sell out the people in NIB. The new Security Supervisor Gibson (a Police Reservist) in a scam using NIB computer database to track people to serve warrants for gay Lawyer friend at Halsbury Chambers. Property Manager exposed in a scam with a PLP General. There was no prosecution because of the gay connection at the top.

  3. @Sexy T. The last crew tried to screw us behind close doors but this is screwing us in our face and are trying  convince us that they care about us and that we can TRUST them!!

    I just hope that the people of Elizabeth do not let the temporary jobs, sweet talk and cash give aways fool them into supporting those same persons who have sent us backwards 10 years and now they have the nerve to still campaign on TRUST!! Trust my foot!!

    It does not matter how many LIES  HI try to tell us, anyone who knows him knows that he knows exactly what he is doing and NOTHING that has happened over the past 3 weeks happened without him knowing step by step!! Everything that he has done so far for this year has been politically driven. The earthquake in Haiti has now given him more tools to use on the campaign trail and he is using them to the fullest!!

  4. BP you just might be on to something here. I think that persons have missed your point so I will say it again as I understand it…

    The contract that was issued just prior to the Christmas for the completion of a building that was almost 50% completed, was: (#1) issued at a much higher cost ($8.6 million)  than it was previously issued at which was $7 million.

    (#2) The extra money is being used fund the Elizabeth by-election. Proof is that the contractor is campaigning with the FNM …..

    (#3) The contractor was instructed to only higher persons from the Elizabeth constituency. (only in the Bahamas such a statement would  not raise suspicion. How could a govt. tell a Bahamian contractor who to hire to do a job, now I could understand a govt. telling a foreign contractor that)

    (#4) NIB is being robbed/scammed by this contractor because although he is hiring more people, he is not paying more National Insurance for those persons.. and the govt. sits back and says NOTHING!!!

    (#5) There is family ties between the Contractor and the NIB Director!!

    Like BP said,they write the the stories and we decide!! Anyone who is thinking straight has to determine that something smells FISHY up in there!! Something just aint right and it ain no mosquito bite!!

    • OK now Objective Thought I think you should come to the front of the class, sounds like ya learn something FINALLY!



  5. Perry Pussycat did the same. BP explain Big Bad Brad and BTC deal!!!!!!!!!! What the different between this wutless crew and the last one.

  6. Anytime somebody tells you could trust them and if you weren’t taking notice of them before, it is time to pay close attention to them. The FNM ran a campaign base on trust and so far the only thing the Bahamian people have been able to trust them to do is look out for themselves, their friends and their families.

    • Kim you think HI will put our new residences in Lizzy so they can vote cause “FNM GIVE ME PAPER, SO I VOTE FNM’. I wouldnt put anything pass HI…… 

      • I don’t know what to think , but I wouldn’t put nothing pass Papa. The last time a lot of the Haitian people supported the FNM in the election.  It is just hard to tell if Papa is doing this from the goodness of his heart or if he is doing it because everybody else is doing it or maybe he does have a motive. Either way, it is good he is doing something that will help the Haitian people, I just want him to be more responsible and accountable when making decisions.

  7. media plz!!! If this is the new information you promised bahama youth that will caused him to decide which party or candidate to support in the upcoming by-election, I must tell you, this is a sorry, lame attempt.this article, like much of what you’ve been perpetuating lately, is laced with unsubstantiated, lopsided innuendos.I looked forward to this new piece of information, and I’m disappointed.I’ll tell you why, you can’ t continue to knock the dailies for refusing to ask, what you regard as pertinent questions, when you too have the same opportunities to put public officials on the spot by asking the hard questions.however, I must say this. you seem not afraid to put the hard and direct questions, so I urge you to find ways on doing so. this is how we, your loyal readers would not only be relying on information from your covert operation but would also have the benefit of their public response.

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