New BP/Cardiff Poll on Elizabeth by-election


Cast your vote in the BP/Cardiff poll. Scroll to the side of the blog and vote for the candidate/party you support in the upcoming Elizabeth by-election.



  1. Meeting tonight in Elizabeth,lets all go there and let wicked PAPA see we aint want him no more.A good  beating will make PAPA realise that his time has come and he should resign so the country can embark on new leadership.

  2. Mr stuart dats you anyway you may have a point with all the recent carry on but yhe trend say this one staying plp should they change hell yeah but will they is the question you know the story of the abused wife keep trying to make it work until she has had enough ….Elizabeth stand up for youll rigths they aint no fool round there

  3. Well i know alot of the ppl around here arent all that edgeumacated but i find it hard to believe they would be stupid enough to vote either plp or fnm in this bye election. these are the same ppl who voted malcolm adderly in office not once but TWICE, and in all that time he hasnt done anything for them. as for the fnm i mean they already made it clear that they aint on that ogly dog face half hyshin man name huberts case, so with these things said i see no other option but voting for cassius stuart. Ive been hearing alot of trash talk going around about cassius but let it be known that he dont play politics he has beeen  fighting for the chance to make some crucial changes for this country, fighting to take this country out of the hands of two crooked lawyers who are about nothing other than depositing more millions to their secret swiss bank accounts. i continue to pray for the ppl of the bahamas. the day has to come real soon where we look past all the mud slinging, the lies and propaganda and open our eyes to the reality that neither plp or fnm has anything substantial to offer this country along the terms of progression.

  4. vonder who gern get trick in dis onecause this is a plp seat hmmm least the people get a lil somthin out of all this drama

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