Crime forces Saxons to move practice to Gladstone Road?


Nassau, Bahamas — Crime is a real problem in the Bahamas and as a precaution, junkanoo groups are taking no chances.

Following the murder at the last junkanoo practice last week, members of the Shell Saxon Superstars have moved their Junkanoo practice events to Gladstone Road.

One source close to the group told Bahamas Press, “Junkanoo practices have always been very safe events and we know our group members, in particular, are very disciplined, however, the times have change, and so we must change with the time.”

Nine bullets riddled the body of a junkanooer at the last Saxons practice at the park on McCullough Corner. A Cabinet Minister was also attending the event when suddenly four men in a car fired on a suspect believed to have been held by police for another murder a week earlier. The victim was just a short distance from the Cabinet Minister who is a ‘beller’ in the group. He was rushed to his vehicle by a group of men as whisked from the murder incident. The victim died instantly.

Saxons junkanoo practice begins this Sunday night just opposite Country Gas.

We report yinner decide.


  1. That’s a damn lie most junkanoo practices are just a can of gas waiting on the match. The areas where some of these groups practice are high in crime and criminals a seen openly breaking the law with little to NO police visability. I am a particapant in Junkanoo and I know for a fact that we harbour criminals to the groups for one reason or the other.

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