Crime is down – so they have said for more than one year now! But no one wishes to furnish the public with any raw data to prove the claim – WHY?


The city of London with 8.7 million people has had 131 homicide so far for 2018 – But in the Bahamas we are celebrating with less than 400,000 people the homicide of more than 80 persons!

PM Minnis along with COP Ferguson at LPIA

Nassau – Following the brutal homicide of Rico Ricardo Archer Tuesday night, who was classified by BP as the 86th homicide victim for the year, just a stone’s throw away from the headquarters of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the top brass came out Wednesday to say crime is down.

High Command Emerick Seymour spoke with media today to tell them that not only is crime down, but the fear of crime is also down. He said that is what people are telling them.

Well, we at BP want to ask Mr. Seymour the following: What is the status of the more than 30 unclassified incidents where persons were discovered dead and police decided to tell the public that they would get back to us about how those persons died?

Then one must wonder what Seymour has to say about the more than 18 police shootings that occurred in the capital this year alone. Some international reports should be interesting on this score.

In London The Guardian confirmed today the city has had the bloodiest year in its history where the 2018 tally is 131 homicide deaths recorded so far. Readers should note London has a population of some 8.7 million people. The Bahamas has less than 400,000 and, with the number of more than 80 homicides, the police around here say they are happy and proud of the state of homicides in the country. Using those population figures, that breaks down to 1 murder for every 66,412 Londoners and 1 homicide for every 5,000 Bahamians.

Seymour could not tell the press what areas crime has proved to have trended downward either, suggesting that to reveal this would pose some security risks. OH, PLEASE! The truth is to not say suggests a risk to the security of the citizenry.

And, while the numbers of homicides have gone down, what are the numbers for attempted murders – people who were injured, maimed, or shot but survived their attacks. Has that number gone up or down?

What about rapes? Armed Robberies? Carjackings? Assaults? Sexual Assaults? Burglary? Theft? Shooting Incidents? How about telling us how many weapons – which is creating all this carnage – was taken off the streets? Or how many persons were caught in possession with a deadly and dangerous weapon for he past year?

For more than a year now, Bahamians have not gotten a true picture of what the statistics of crime in the Bahamas looks like and we believe no one is interested in providing the same.

How could anyone in law enforcement suggest crime is down, but still refuse to tell and present the real picture with facts on the state of crime from which comes their data?

Murder is not the totality of crime – and to suggest the same is simply misleading the public.

And we at Bahamas Press will add this for the WUTLESS MEDIA and the police: take note that in many cities around the world the stats on crime are readily available and accessible to the public via many platforms [Online/apps/etc]. Right now you can log into some policing centers by district and get full and complete report on criminal activity community by community. Why is this data in the Bahamas being hidden from the public?

And where are the advocates for Freedom of Information these days?

We report yinner decide!