Crime report presented o the country by the RBPF

COP of Police, Ellison Greenslade.


Ninety four (94) murders were recorded in The Bahamas in 2010 as compared to 86 in 2009. This represents an increase of 9% (7 murders) over 2009. Of this amount, 78 (83%) were recorded in New Providence, 8 (9%) in Grand Bahama, and 8 (9%) in the family Islands. Seventy (70%) percent, or 66, of the murders recorded in 2010 were solved and eighty nine (89) persons were charged for murder before the courts in The Bahamas.

An illegal firearm, predominantly a handgun, was the weapon of choice by murderers in 2010. In 69 murder cases, an illegal firearm was the weapon of choice. This was followed by knives which were used in 18 of the cases.

Fifty four (54) of the murder victims in 2010 were adult males between the ages of 18 and 35. 14 adult females were murder victims in 2010 along with 1 juvenile male.

In 25 of the murder cases, conflicts between persons involving illegal drugs were the motive for the crimes. 34 cases involved general conflict between people and 5 were retaliation as a result of ongoing feuds between people known to each other.

The highest amount of murders were recorded in the Southern Division (17), followed by Southeastern (15) and Southwestern (15) Divisions.

Eight (8) murders were recorded in Grand Bahama, two (2) in Abaco, two (2) in Bimini, one (1) in Andros, one (1) in Exuma, one (1) in Long Island, and one (1) in Inagua..

Sexual Offences

Rape, attempted rape, and unlawful sexual intercourse saw notable decreases of 29%, 15%, and 28% respectively. Seventy nine (79) rapes were recorded in 2010 as compared to 111 in 2009. One hundred and eighty six (188) cases of unlawful sexual Intercourse were recorded in 2010 as compared to 260 in 2009. Of these, 39 cases of rape were detected and 35 cases of USI were detected.

Total Recovery for The Bahamas: (351) Armed Robbery

Nine hundred and seventeen (917) armed robberies were recorded in 2010 as compared to 882 which were recorded in 2009. This represents a marginal increase of 4% over 2009.

Burglary, and shop breaking were down by 7% and 13% respectively in 2010. However, housebreaking, stealing, stealing from a vehicle, and stolen vehicles posted increases of 16%, 22%, 41%, and 11% respectively.

Firearm and Ammunition Recovery

An invigorated team of detectives at the Firearms Tracing and Investigations Unit (FTIU) performed exceptionally well in 2010 by executing search warrants and conducting directed operations against Firearm Traffickers and persons suspected of being in possession of illegal firearms and ammunition. Members of the selective enforcement team (SET) along with divisional officers, intelligence officers, and detectives from specialist areas such as the Security and Intelligence Branch (SIB) and the Central Detective Unit (CDU) collaborated to deliver outstanding results in 2010. These initiatives, across the force, clearly supported the forces’ policing priority of reducing crime by targeting prolific offenders and interdicting illegal firearms.

Three hundred and fifty one (351) illegal firearms and 6,224 rounds of assorted ammunition were recovered in The Bahamas in 2010 as compared to 312 illegal firearms and 4,388 rounds of assorted ammunition which were recovered in 2009. The following is a breakdown of seizures for the islands of The Bahamas during 2010:

New Providence, Central, Grand Bahama
& Southern Bahamas

· Shotguns (46) Shotguns (6)
· Pistols (155) Pistols (29)
· Revolvers (57) Revolvers (7)
· Rifles (18) Rifles (5)
· Imitation (26) Imitation (2)

Total Recovery (302) Total Recovery (49)

Control of Money Laundering:

During 2010, a total of forty five (45) Suspicious Transaction Reports were received for investigations. Seven (7) new Proceeds of Crime (cash seizure cases) were investigated with a total cash value of one million twenty seven thousand three hundred and seventy two ($ 1,027,372.00) dollars. Eleven (11) Proceeds of Crime (cash seizure cases) were placed before the courts which totaled eight hundred eighty thousand six hundred fifty one dollars and seventy one cents ($880,651.71) and a total of one million twenty four thousand six hundred and seventy three ($ 1,024,673.00) dollars were forfeited to the Crown by the courts which represents three (3) cases from previous years.

Traffic Enforcement

Traffic statistics for 2010 are as follows:

Fixed Penalty Notices Issued: 18,489
Fixed Penalty Notices to Court: 15,580

Road Accidents with Damages: 2,046
Road Accidents with Injuries: 679
Fatal Accidents: 43
Hit and Run Accidents: 241

Total Amount of Road Accident Reports………………………….2,966

Traffic Offence Reports: 554
Traffic Operations: 23
Road Checks: 11
Escort Duties: 210




  1. The appointed time as come for a wake up call and removing the blindness of any who seek to ever try this again. TRULY THE ABSENCE OF JUSTICE, MERCY AND INTEGRITY WITH ROOT CAUSES OF CRIMES IN THE BAHAMAS. Genocide and apartheid are crimes against humanity people who break laws without knowing who you dare to call insane and put under such pressure. Seeking to move along without causing any wave and being dehumanized has causes a tsunami of truth unknown or heard for releasing the prison walls of indifferences have a rude awakening for many. Not listening to a person who has been saying all along there is a problem coming, put into place the very things which would not embarass the government and people of the Bahamas, only to be called crazy. Sure not saying anything before now would seem to be that way and yet the appointed time has come to give the tko as in The Movie Rocky. Beat Me until you are tired and now my time has come.My mother was harassed with me in the womb and all of the days I stayed with her. I never sought to seek revenge or justice on her behalf. She was falsely arrested in defense of a now deceased female having favours from the police to continue their harassment on her and knocking the female in the mouth who attacked her from behind, holding her in a headlock. My father was harassed and taken for granted with his house vandalized until I shew up. Neither for him did I seek resolution in that my life itself was full of experiences of those I had prayed to executed justice on behalf of should I tarry the journey and come out as God intended it to be so. Now the purpose of this being written is simple, I was disguised all along as a commoner so that I may execute the judgment written on all of you who dare to believe that you get away with things and there is no way of others ever knowing because you silence them with all the power available to you.Power and promotion comes from God and material possessions without integrity is nothing but trash. When a person of excellence is devalued it takes away from the common good or each society. You never know who they are until time produces the moment for them to shine at the darkest moment. So while no one save God favoured me as I was considered the scum of the earth here is a little reminder for all of you folks in high places – the stone which the builder’s reject become the chief cornerstone. It is The Lord’s doing. The light is being turned on high beam so everyone can see what is actually here.First the passport offices. Who ever heard of making an appointment for information. Then from the first quarter of 2009 to August 2009 being laughed at in the passport office by female employees who knew that Brent Symonette had been informed of their misconduct for the first three days of the saga. How about feeling as though there was something missing from the picture which one could not see and then later discovering that grievances from the past by others who were given favours wasted precious time and opportunities offer to an unemployed person whose last pay was $15 after 5 years of working with a Turks Island male and a Jamaican female both possessors of Bahamian passports who are free to do whatever they please. Who ever heard of the passport office taking $100 for a passport application on December 10th 2009 and demanding that the female collect a receipt the following day 11th in the amount of $50 [while the person submitting the same was aware that a Haitian female had tossed five Bahamian passports she tossed in the trash bin at $100 each and paid a Bahamian male $50 to get it from the dumpster. The same passport was to be collected January 14th 2010, with the passport officer being informed that it was necessary to get things in order which requires a passport for everything nowadays for Bahamians. So from December 2009 to January 2011 there is a committee who meets every three months, no one knows when that Bahamian female would get her Bahamian passport would be issued with smirks, snickering being the experience with great disdain from these employees working with Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, the Bahamas government. Brent Symonette was informed of the same and remains silent even though stealing by reason of employment is the offence committed and the necessity of having the same issued.Second matter we have the high ranking officers of the royal bahamas police force who cover up the misconduct of the others. Paul H. Farquharson advised at the very beginning not to join the force and when asked the reason/s why, never gave an answer for now it would have been too long. Winning the baton of honour and being stripped of the same with a plot to be sent to prison began a chain of events that would paint a picture of what goes on inside the police department while all think that respect is due to each there leaves much to be desired of. A female recruit was so dumb not to get graduated only to return late after going out with a senior officer. A few months later this female while doing night guard duty takes her rest at the back of the bed behind a pregnant female murder suspect held at Princess Margaret Hospital. Once this is reported it is forgotten until the officer seeks revenge by writing an false entry into the police data bank on the female after she had told her an unknown female had said she knew officers in high places to deal with the female, did not care whether the female was ex-police or not and no police officers addressed or assisted, including Mr. Greenslade, that someone had put human feces on the ex-officer’s car, human blood on her bed, white powder in her door, tamper with her drinking water, had young males to gang her. There was quietness. Mr. Greenslade had also failed to address the police force before that, taking two hours to respond to an unknown male pointing a handgun in the female’s face in her home after she initially had called three police stations to report a house breaking.The first former church leader high ranking policeman Errol Farquharson tells a female officer he feels like eating something while both are dressed in government uniform in his office touches her breast and gets so revengeful that he has not recovered from the rejection and objection. He tells her that she must remember that people get into trouble and after leaving the police force she never leads a normal life due to harassment from persons in society she has never done anything to or have any dealings with, the police refuse to answer any report or assist her.The second officer John Sidney Rolle, at a drug enforcement area, allows a Haitian junior police woman Linda Hepburn to come to work late, leave on break right after that, do little to no work. She is allowed to shop for her wedding along with Basil Collie on government time without doing any work until the both get shot while being unarmed and having been forewarned of the danger of the workplace and that something needs to happen so that they would know it is not a game. The two officers who are armed lives were in jeopardy had the two males who shot Basil and Linda open fire on them instead. No news coverage.Then again this was not viewed in this light. John Rolle goes on to feel this female’s breast with her slapping him in the face and striking him in the back. Rolle proceeds to make the female officer work six days, twelve hour duties with no holidays off, which she enjoyed as she was there to work. John Sidney Rolle comes back a second time with a hotel key for her to use and gets angry when she places it back on his desk, going to church instead. She overhears him telling the officer Frazier to take the hotel key back and get his money. He sucks his teeth.A third thing happens where she completed a task to stop the decertification of the Bahamas in the war against drugs and was taken out for lunch as appreciation by a DEA Officer with both returning a short while later. Rolle said that the DEA wasted his money and he was of the opinion that the officer was going to give him some [sexual favours]. So naieve, this female never got the picture. Rolle paid her back as she was threatened with disciplinary charges with two cases which were declined by the junior female Linda Hepburn, who became Sullivan, which were hers to deal with both involving Haitian nationals. In one of them she found herself being asked by the passport officer Franklyn Dames who disliked her [always shew prejudice towards her in favour of Hepburn/Sullivan] to knock out the candles in the circle with a star filled borders. She asked the others to assist and no one did. The prayer covering, she made kept her safe as all of the officers were frightened when the elderly female Haitian called out WHEN I FINISH WITH YOUR ASS YOU WILL NOT KNOW YOUR ASS FROM YOUR ELBOW. [I still know my ass from my elbow because God kept it that way]. She replied WITH ALL DUE RESPECT MA’AM IF THIS WORKED YOUR NINE KILOS OF COCAINE WOULD HAVE GONE THROUGH AND I WOULD NOT BE IN HERE SEARCHING YOUR PLACE.This file went to court four times and was brought to the attention of John Rolle with no evidence in a nine kilo seizure ever being presented before the magistrate’s court. From that moment on, the police department nor the government knew their asses from their elbows as the ex officer could attest to the zoombie manners experienced thereafter.The other matter involved a Haitian male whose eyes locked in death in the officers eyes as he choked on his vomit reporting that he was beaten twice by the police, felt bad and was never given medical assistance. The third police religious ranking officer Leon Johnson while placing a document on his desk glanced up and was told LOOK AT THIS OLE GEEZER TRYING TO COME ON TO ME. He got vexed when the officer told him she was a woman not his child and should be addressed as such. He refused to return to work and the female was transfered from that area on a weekend while all offices were closed.The fourth officer Shannador Evans was stranger than all for there was nothing to suggest that there was anything but respect for he and his then lawyer wife who is now a judge. He asked the female officer to hold on when she had completed giving a drug report only for the phone to pick up before he answered again. He says I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DID TO ME BUT I DREAM OF YOU SLEEPING NEXT TO MY WIFE. Shocked and baffled that something like that would come out of his mouth, what it meant, how it happened what was the cause, it remained a mystery until now. This man and his wife were example of Christianity which was dashed based on the indifferences that came about due to this. Tagged for something never commmitted. He was asked about getting some information in 2009 and once hearing that the female was getting married said not to get his wife involved. This baffled the female in that all she wanted was information. She sought both of their assistance and none was given as his words when to call again was clearly stated I DON’T KNOW AND I DON’T CARE. It appeared as though the incident where she handed the matter over to GOD for not knowing how to address The Evans became a thorn which was never removed.Mr.C.A.Smith was informed of the events and became in charge of the police department saying that he would adddress it if given the vote and elected. He received the first vote with the FNM Government whose words TIME FOR A CHANGE rang hope. For seven years using his charm C.A.Smith never did anything about the sexual harassment in the workplace, declined the secondment, seized the taxi plate her father had. Then the strangest thing happened the first house breaking occured, with all of her panties stolen nothing else. A short while later, less than two weeks, all of her clothing was stolen leaving only the police uniform. Then she was transfered after serving three years from a family island posting with less than twenty-four hours notice. Remember these house breakings left her distraught and at a breaking point where the housing allowances not given her, had seized all of her funds in waiting for the release held on the orders of Errol Farquharson. For three days with no clothing, no funds, no accommodation or transportation she was made to say the ordeal over and over and over again. She was told that the only place for her to stay was in a bookroom at the East Street Police Station which she declined.Well it this has all seemed bad it has not begun for this was just the beginning of mental harm. She comes to the point of breaking only to hear God speak THEY WANT TO SEE YOU LOSE YOUR MIND, THIS IS ONE THING THEY WILL NEVER SEE. So at the end of the year 1993, the officer declined to re-engage in the police force. The police discharge certificate is tossed in her face hitting her and she is told get out of my office by Errol Faquharson with great disdain as he cancels the allowances due, her salary is cut in half even though the treasury before that has said she would be paid in full. He informs that there would be phone calls to headquarters when looking for a job elsewhere let’s see how she makes it. As it turns out she is kicked off Bay Street being in possession of a value police certificate, a hotel at the Cable Beach Strip, denied openings which were available as the persons in charge said they were told to call police headquarters with the not being a possibility once the contact was made others were hired. This went on where after six interviews an ex-police officer Andrew Sweeting was informed that the level of sexual harassment had been too much and if it was going to be where sex was going to get her a job, count her out. She was hired being more qualified and given the lowest pay. She ended up working from $1500 per month to $150 per week respecting herself unaware that a male comment that he wants to see her get a job after leaving the force without sleeping with someone a rude awakening now where FORCED PROSTITUTION is commonplace in the Bahamas.Without blaming or desiring to be a victim the female still respected the force and the people in government. A rude awakening came when May 8th through June 21st 2008, seven house breakings were reported within a seven week span presenting a warning that the Bahamas was not safe for tourist not citizens if the officer was struck that much. In any event the visits to the police station were met with civilians understanding the seriousness of the matter, the police acting as though the language was not English and police personnel going in and out of the premises of the suspected criminals. An officer informed her that it was said that she was insane. Sure enough only two of the seven reported matters were documented in the police data base. The house was vandalized continually and the female was forced to move ten times in the space of two years. Sadly the rudest awakening of it all came to be that a note was sent to Marvin Dames where the officer informed that it seems best to ask a Haitian how to live in peace in the Bahamas given that they don’t experience any trauma at all. He was unaware that the female knew Haitians and this was also that the equality of her actions toward Bahamians, Haitians or any other nationality never posed any indifference. But was there any?Sure enough she found her at first renting a house which owned by Richard Bradley and operated by Betty Stewart whose husband Brad said that he would deal with the officer when he returns. She had brought to Brad’s attention the words YOU HAVE A PLANTATION NAME, GO AND PICK SOME COTTON, the presence of a US Confederate’s flag and Bradley turning off the hot water heater on the two coldest nights of 2009. He said he watched roots so what and went on to use a jack hammer saying that he knew what a migraine headache was. Bradley and his company around 4pm everyday would have happy hours where they would say how stupid the government is, how lazy the black people are and how blacks don’t likes white. They sought to destroy the relationship between the female and her fiance. The taunting became much and the police nor immigration got involved. The female was told how another black girl was chased from there, the washer and dryer were removed from a pool area directly under her bedroom with the power connected to the billing handed and made to be paid by the female and the rental house was put in a newspaper with her being forced to leave before the lease was up.The great disdain towards the female continued, where Mrs. Donato the owner and Angela Russo manageress of a local hotel had an unknown female living in a unit nearby with the power bill for that unit being paid for by the female saying that it was a crossline. They said that the first incident was isolated with their acts being worst with the female who was not paying rent slamming doors, banging on the wall, leaving a security gate unlocked, a prostitute haven located right opposite a police station with Erick Seymour a police officer not acknowledging the officer in her moment of desperation. She moves after the false warning by the female Inspector Hamilton who said that she does not have money to move where would she get the funds from. How would this Hamilton know if the female has or do not have money. Strange to even consider that the officer gets into the private banking of the female.Now moving along another rental comes where the female is now faced with a condom being planted in the wastebasket of the rental once asked if she knew when her fiance was returning. Turns out the following night another unknown female unlocked her rental door and runs to a car,and remains silent when asked how she could have a key for the rental, it clarifies how it was a setup. There is another move to a rental owned by an Ethopian Exile female married to a Bahamian. This became the rudest awakening because the police did not get involved with confrontation and harassment coming on full stream in 2010. The fact that her Bahamian husband said SHUT THE *UCK UP WOMAN AND CARRY YOUR MOTHER *UCKING ASS DOWNSTAIRS infront of a Bahamian female this caused her to display great disdain and indifferences by neglecting that it was a landlord tenant contract and payment of funds on time deserved better conduct from her side. She declined to give a letter for the cable company, told the female not to say anything to her and laughed when asked how she was to pay her rent. The Ethopian goes ahead and gets a group of males who use an amplifier vibrating the walls 24-7 and says she knows and would deal with it yet never does things got worst.She knew of the migraine headaches, how expensive they were, allowed a Haitian male to chant in the adjoining unit which disturbed the work of the female. Another male, his girlfiend and young child were brought in who slammed cupboards and doors, his snoring was so loud she had to sleep in a love seat in the front area until the chairs were dragging and a confrontation from the male shew it was time to leave.Now this time it was to another Caucasian lease agreement which lasted for three days due to soil carpet and furniture. In haste to exit the Ethopian rental this female only re-viewed the value of $900 per month for the place after Jerry Coleborn, ex patriate who appeared kind at first until the contract was signed. He made mention of black men not listening to black women. Neurosis in the sun by Dr.Timothy McCartney is a book he asked her if she had read before. She had glanced the book before many years ago. He asked if she was tired of the Jew who began noise pollution and made a comment about the previous rental. The rent in arrears for $900 for any repairs with 24 hours notice in writing or phone became a disturbing factor to deal with had the carpet not furniture cleaning be received well. Sure enough being corrected was a no no and with $2700 in holding for the condo the female was locked out after canceling the contract, asking the cost for the time spent already and until the time to locate something. Emancipation Day 2010 [slavery abolished] this harsh and very crude Caucasian male shew his great disdain for a black Bahamian female by telling her to just get out of his place. He asked when she would leave and she said to give her by midnight on Wednesday. Just before 8am Jerry had the locksmiths there to change the locks who once told that the officer in charge of the police was informed of the incidences they backed off. By 3am the following morning the female pulled in her car and slept inside not returning indoors. She informed Jerry Coleborn of the same and he said he did not care, just get her things out of there. He would not give her the funds until she is gone and he has checked the place after she leaves. He then said that she can collect two thirds of the rental from the real estate company and he would keep $900.In order to get a cheque from Jerry he made her sign a waiver while distraught. She must find somewhere to live with that and he kept her things locked. She ended up spending $100 to sleep in a dark isolated place, then into a hotel where she found a distressed Bahamian female whose boyfriend had been killed in front of her with them missing her as they exited in haste. The police protection witness programme was canceling her aid and the males who killed her boyfriends were out on bail. The next rental came and within 48 hours was canceled as the Christian folks took off their mask and began one the contract was signed to show what bootcamp really was. We are going to kick you out if this place is not kept tidy. Sure it was read in the contract and understood, the indifference from politeness before the signing was a Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde effect. They seized $850 after they around 3am open and left both locks to the unit unlocked with the trust of their hospitality being aborted, the false promise of Internet connection never being met and their dislike for smoking being something that would not be adjusted to or tolerate from a tenant who is use to doing it without asking.Locating an officer to serve the summons to the later persons was difficult and all in all, the displacement of the female officer along with the delayed twenty-two month passport ordeal was indeed only something GOD could have brought her through not being able to take care of herself since 1993 and the pressure before that which she adjusted to not desiring to bring to the attention the presence of sexual harassment,forced prostitution, negligence from those charge with duties to prevent, detect, enforce laws, mental harm amounting to genocide, apartheid and as host of ills of which this society shows. If a police officer serves the country well and is paid this way how would others stand. This story was told to many who said nothing and did nothing to ease the burden and so it is written as a testimoney THE BAHAMAS A CONFUSED NATION BEGINS WITH NATION BUILDERS BEING NATIONS DESTROYERS BY THEIR INACTION IN TIMES OF NEED.The names of the persons listed are true, correct and observed far from giving any personal interpretation. This all comes to serve how Mrs. Delores Ingraham nee Miller a teacher at Donald Davis Junior High School who interrupted the fund of two female distinguished teachers and mentors of the female ex-officer made a startling unexpected declaration, that she could see the student would grow up not to take care of herself. When asked why, the disdains from Mrs. Ingraham became well, I can see it.Sure enough a note in 1992 to inform her of this past action was never met and the silence of her and those like her husband has most certainly charted the course of what is seen in the country, a clear reflection of what they see PEOPLE NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. How sad that after the mid 1970′s until now the Bahamas has come to a point of seeing what remained hidden from view with this life being misunderstood instead of celebrated as a person who tried to keep families at ease without making waves and now it has become a tsuanami of what has gone wrong with grievances of one person being strung to others being turned into a reminder all things work together for the good of those who love The Lord and are called according to His Purpose.Males and females of the higher planes where principalities, powers of rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places wreck havoc on the Bahamas these clean hands and a guileless heart presents to all of you, your work, your efforts, your report and let’s clean this country because what is done unjustly to the least of all that breathe is done to everyone. I seal this with the heart of a servant for which I have been given birth. You see all of my life until now I tried to live down the words spoken after negligent doctors exited the delivery room leaving my mother and I for dead….SHE ALMOST COST US OUR JOBS. We can get this country together. The truth of the matter is the name PATROVE PATRITROUVERE PHERGUSONT was never a human selected name. IT WAS A DIVINELY GUIDED AND APPOINTED NAME FOR THE BAHAMAS TO REMEMBER THE STONES IN THE ROYAL DIADEM OF GOD’S SOUVERGNITY IS UNKNOWN TO MANY.THE APPOINTED TIME HAS COME FOR JUDGMENT TO BEGIN ON THE BAHAMAS AND THE YEAR 2011 WILL BE THE MOVE OF THE MOST POWERFUL BEING WHO HAS BEEN MOCKED AND NOW HIS FEAR WILL FALL IN SUCH A WAY THAT HIS GLORY SHALL BE REVEALED. I love my country enough to say had you given me my passport, I would have walked away in silence. Now that you shew me disdain so great it is time for the country to know what the country main negligent employees are. With a value for life and each of you considered above any intent to bring about destruction for any, this is to say AT THE AGE OF FIVE THE ANSWER FOR NOT GOING TO THE MENTAL ASYLUM BY THE CHIEF MENTAL CARE SPECIALIST WHO WAS MY MENTOR HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND REMAINS SPEAK WHAT HAPPENS AND WHILE PRAYING FOR INTERVENTION IT HAS COME TO BE THAT WHILE NOT ACKNOWLEDGING A PERSON OF INTEGRITY THE COUNTRY HAS SUFFERED BY SUCH ABUSE OF POWER IN FORCING SUBHUMAN STANDARD ONTO A HUMAN BEING WITH POTENTIAL KNOWING FULLY WELL THAT IT IS ALMOST THREE DECADES TO BRING CLOSURE AT IT WAS FUN DESTROYING A BUILDER OF NATIONS WHO STILL HAS THE RIGHT TO HAVE DIGNITY RESTORED BEFORE THE NATION OF HER BIRTH. UNDER YOUR WATCH GREEDNSLADE MENTAL HARM SO INTENSE HAS BEEN COMMITTED AND OMITTED IN YOUR REPORT AS A CRIME OF GENOCIDE WITH APARTHEID IN 2009 THROUGH 2010 IN THE BAHAMAS. REMEMBER YOU GAVE ME THE POWER OF OBSERVATION AND SHARING TO ENSURE THAT INTEGRITY SPEAKS CLEARLY FOR ITSELF. GOD BLESS THE BAHAMAS AND RELEASE THIS POLICE AND POLITICAL FEMALE PRISON FROM THE WALLS OF INDIFFERENCE AND DISCRIMINATION BY LEADERS FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH AS IT OCCURED AND THEIR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN A TIMELY FASHION SAVE TO CAUSE MORE MENTAL HARM.

  2. what are the features of a criminal? How do they look and dress? It Is quite interesting that the Bahamas Press and the Tribune 242 have no title about the 3 police officers who were remanded to the Fox Hill Prison on Tuesday for grievous harm and other related charges

  3. The meat of the crime report is that alot of people got screwed over with pleasure of the force doing favours for wrong doers. The force members have a subtle way of playing mind games on the public and with a master art of hypocrisy would mislead everyone. How much harassment was reported MR.GREENSLADE AND HOW MUCH SO CALLED TRUTH WAS MADE ALLEGATIONS WHEN THE FORCE WAS AT FAULT. DO YOU EXPECT THINGS TO CHANGE WHEN YOU OR ANYONE WITH YOU CONDONE WRONG DOING. DO YOU STAND ON ANY CREDIBILITY TO SPEAK THE TRUTH IF IT SHOWS UP AND SLAPS YOU AND THE FORCE IN THE FACE THAT GRAVE INJUSTICES HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO MANY WHO RESPECTED AND TRUSTED YOUR DEPARTMENT ONLY TO DISCOVER THERE IS A QUESTION MARK IF THERE IS CHANGE.

  4. The review of the crime statistics by RBPF shows why we are in the mess. The Fixed Penalties for traffic were supposed to ease congestion at the courts. You accepted the fine (if guilty) and paid it!Yet out of some 18,000. FP’s,80%. plead not guilty; maybe they are innocent or, they know that the system is so inefficient and corrupt that the complaint will disappear, for a price. As far as the other crime statistics are concerned, no country accepts data from police unless this data are balanced by a Crime Survey which, has never been done in the Bahamas. Surveys like the British Crime Survey compares what the citizens report to what police are reporting. In many cases, police routinely fudge the figures. For example, police reports contain only reported crimes. Many crimes t go unreported and therefore unrecorded.This is especially true with break-ins where police are slow to respond and citizens become frustrated. Sexual offences are also notoriously unreported; so, a serial rapist may be operating in the society undetected.A crime survey may detect this.

  5. This crime situation has been allowed to escalade in this country for years and now it is at a point where it is totally out of control. Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade has his hands full and he is doing a good job given the circumstances. Now only for the government to stop playing and get more serious about making laws that would put fear in these criminals and for the Royal Defense Force to do their job which is protecting our boarders and then things should be much better. I just want Commissioner Ellison Greenslade to stay encourage, because he seems to be very passionate about the job he is doing. If he could just weed out those bad apples on the force that would be great, because it’s those bad apples that are giving the force a bad name and making it difficult for the public to trust them.

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