Cuba will close flights from The Bahamas and some other destinations as of January 1, 2021 and reinforce border control measures following COVID19 positive cases from its neighbours!


Bahamas contributing to the rise in COVID19 cases in CUBA! Meanwhile Bahamian Health Officials claim COVID cases in the Bahamas are down – WHAT IS THIS?

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Travellers to Cuba -file photo

CUBA| Bahamians facing health challenges are about to experience an even tougher time in getting medical treatments as Cuba has cut off the Bahamas from its systems due to seriously uncontrolled cases of COVID19.

A whole bunch of Bahamians who go to Cuba for medical reasons – and other things – are about to have problems getting there.

Cuban officials are confirming that arrival of international travelers has generated an increase in imported cases of COVID-19 and their contacts with other people represented 71.5% of the total cases detected in recent weeks. The vast majority are associated with Cuban citizens from the United States, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, among others.

Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) points out its official website and expanded on the information this Monday at a press conference.

According to Dr. Francisco Durán García, National Director of Epidemiology of the Minsap, since the beginning of November when the international airports were opened in the country, and up to December 23, there have been diagnosed in the national territory 3,782 people positive for COVID-19.

“Of these, 4% correspond to autochthonous cases, that is, whose transmission was generated within the country, while 6% correspond to imported cases of the new coronavirus”, emphasized the specialist.

For Durán García, it is indisputable that this number of people who have arrived in the country with the disease has generated transmission and a significant spread of the disease within the national territory, as it constitutes the source of infection for 51.1% of the people diagnosed.

Regarding the different countries of origin of the travelers who have been arriving in the country, Dr. Durán García said that a detailed analysis was carried out.

He stated that, of the imported cases detected upon arrival, for every 1,000 travelers who arrive in the country from the United States, 12.9 positive people for SARS-CoV-2 are diagnosed, from the Dominican Republic 12.6 sick people; 11.7 from Mexico; 9.7 from Haiti; 4.6 from Panama and 2.2 positive cases out of every 1000 travelers from the Bahamas.
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These are the countries that have contributed the highest number of positive cases of COVID-19 among travelers who have arrived in Cuba, he said.

The Minister of Health ought to be called out for deceiving the public on COVID-19.

The Ministry is not counting rapid test results, which the majority of people have now resorted to taking because the RT-PCR is too damn expensive.

The people of The Bahamas have a right to be aware risk ratios for exposure and informed of the real dangers lurking all around dem! I keep telling yall Minnis Dem Does LIE!

The dashboard reported on 89 tests in its last report (which is provided whenever they please now). That is certainly an insufficient number for testing in the midst of a global pandemic.

But we ga report and let yinner decide!