Customs officers arrested as mass strike by officers turns violent


Immigration sitout at Hawkins Hill headquarters

Police drag in the dirt and arrest customs officers in uniform standing at the gate

Nassau, Bahamas — Huge protests have erupted across the country today, calling for the end of the Ingraham Government.

BBB Analytics can now project current MP for Marco City and candidate for Fort Charlotte Zhivargo “Mona Vie” Laing shall fall whenever the next general elections are called.

At this moment, our teams at the Customs building on Thompson Blvd report the protesters have called on the government to leave and leave now.

Chants can be heard loud and clear in the Oakes Field area asking the question: “ARE YOU SERIOUS? DEAD SERIOUS!”

Some tell us, “We want an election now, and we cannot take another five years of this corrupt government which has fought with all their power against Bahamians. Tell Papa ring the damn bell and call the elections!”

Meanwhile, as protests blaze like a wildfire out at Customs, a storm is gathering at the Immigration Department where we know thousands of citizenship have been granted.

Immigration workers have picketed on the steps of the Hawkins Hill operations all morning, stalling work at the facility.

This ga be long!

If you don’t laugh you will cry!

We report yinner decide!

IMMIGRATION workers walk off the job.
Immigration workers withdraw their labour.
Customs workers stage protest on Thompson Blvd.
Customs officers want the bell to ring!