Dame Marguerite asked to stay on the hill just a bit longer as PM Most Honourable Ever is undecided on anyone to replace the GG!


Who will be the new GG?

NASSAU| Dame Marguerite has already given PM Most Honourable Ever notice that she is prepared to make way at Government House for a new Governor General but PM Minnis is still undecided on his new appointee.

Two candidates are in the race for the highest job in the land. They are C. A. Smith, who is currently the Deputy to the Governor General, and Dame Janet Bostwick who made the Queen’s Honours in the New Year.

Sources tell us PM Minnis has asked Dame Marguerite to stay on for some time as he does not want to cause any further rifts inside his party.

Women in the FNM surprisingly rejected Dame Janet’s appointment to the Hill. The Women’s Association now prepared to back C.A. Smith. At a luncheon held a few weeks ago, The Women’s Association deep inside the FNM made their feelings known and said they will not back the former Foreign Affairs Minister and first woman elected to Parliament for the seat of Yamacraw.

Some believe PM Minnis is also against the appointment of Dame Janet has he has made his government style an old boys club having appointed only one woman to his Cabinet.

If C. A. Smith is indeed appointed it would be a shock to women outside the FNM leadership as Dame Janet, aka “Goddie”, appears to be the frontrunner.

Meanwhile, Dame Marguerite is looking pretty and smiling as all the chaos continues to unfold deep inside the FNM.

We report yinner decide!