Daring Daylight Bay Street Robbery…NOT ONE POLICE IN SIGHT!


Tommy 'Jughead' Turnquest, Minister for Crime is losing the crime fight.

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Nassau, BahamasBP is reporting another Daring Daylight Robbery at John Bull Down Town Nassau around 10 AM.

With five Cruise Ships in Port, robbers disrupted the business day in the downtown Nassau this morning and placed the fear of GOD in hundreds of tourist traversing the streets in the busy shopping district.

BP was told by eyewitnesses not one police officer was in sight! “No foot patrol, no bike patrol, no car patrol and no dog patrol with over FIVE cruise ships in port.”

BP wonders where was the POLICE? How could the city, the heart of commerce be left so abandoned during such a busy Tourist WEEKEND? What are we telling our Guests, Come to Bay to get robbed?

Eyewitnesses tell us two armed men walked big as Billy into John Bull through the main entrence, walked up to the Rolex watch section and demanded all watches and jewellery to be place into a bag. Cashiers were shocked with panic as scores of tourist fled the area; hauling back to the ships.

“The Pirates of Nassau are back wreaking havoc and disrupting the lives of hundred as they display their massive weaponry before the world! How could such a crime occur in the heart of Bay Street in the middle of the day with not one peace officer in sight? This town is Lawless and OUT-OF-Order,” one downtown shopper said.

We call for heads to roll from the Minister Tommy ‘Jughead’ Turnquest down! He has failed the Bahamian people in offering no solution to the crime problem that is skyrocketing! Thugs and Rogues are taking over the CITY! We call for the immediate dismissal of the Minister!



  1. Whereas I would like to take a cheap shot at Tommy Turnquest, I don’t think it would be appropriate given the serious escalation of crime in all facets of our society. I am of the belief that crime is more of a moral issue than a political one.. Straight up..

  2. I cannot see any place on Bay Street robbed,Where all those police when,Batelco was on Bay Street,or when Hubert go to parliament. Tons of police on Bay Street then!!!!!

    • Boy Joel they had the dog patrol on Bay Street. Tommy was so serious to see BTC sold he reportedly said, the UNIONS ARE A SECURITY THREAT! They old women and old men protesting the sale CRIMINALS! Now when the real criminals make a public spectacle of the force and shame the minister everyone disappears!

      They have no excuse for their absence!


  3. I have looked at a number of comments to this article and several questions have risen, and I would like to share them.
    1) Why are we discussing our nations affairs on the internet (INTERnational NETwork)? I understand that the situation of crime is sickening, and distasteful, but my question to us as a people is are we the only country faced with this situation? Surely Jamaica, Europe, North, Central and South America have their share of crimes respectively. No organisation is perfect, be it Police, Government, private entity, none are perfect. Show me a perfect organisation and I will show you one that does not exist!!
    2) I am not being sarcastic or hitting at anyone’s beliefs when I say this, buy I would like to know how many places one person can be at any given time. Okay, if the Police officers were not present, they must have been somewhere else, and I know I am going to get the horrid remarks following this question (i have a response before you ask, just read on) Is anyone entitled to eat, drink, communicate, take bathroom breaks while at work? – Some may say the officers are “chit chatting” but, have you ever taken a second to question what about? Could it be that he is sharing information of another crime with a comrade that may not have otherwise been privy to the information? I am not saying that it is so in all cases, but again. No one is perfect!
    3) Yes, John Bull was robbed, and it was a sad event. It was unfortunate that the Police were not present or very near when it took place, but for those of us that were “right there” and saw the perpetrators exit their vehicle, why didn’t we CALL the police? – We must look at ourselves and ask if we are as guilty as the man actually committing the crime, we had the knowledge that something was about to happen but did nothing about it.
    4)Why don’t we take care of our HOMES before they get out of control? – We as a people need to return to the practices of our forefathers where it was instilled in us that the commission of a crime was PUNISHABLE; yes, this is where it begins, and YES, I am going to say it: “Why you touch my child, if he do somethin’ wrong why you aint come tell me, don’t touch my *&$#@!* child ya hear?” This simple scenario illustrates several very important fundamentals that we destroy when we act as did the parent a) a child should know that when they commit a crime, it is punishable not only by their parents, but any AUTHORITY. b) adults should be able to resolve conflicts without aggressiveness. c)a child should never be taught that his punishment by any authority beside family is WRONG.
    5)Music is a tool that reaches out to us whether or not we want it to, why as a people aren’t we exploiting it, rather than talking and committing verbal suicide? Take two songs for example a) MAN IN THE MIRROR – by Michael Jackson and b) LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH (i don’t know the composer) but these are just two songs of thousands that would cause one to consider themselves before pointing a finger.

    We need to move away from the lambasting and become a country of action. If something is a national issue and we feel that the politicians are abdicating their duties, then why not demit them from there offices rather than allow them to do 5years of damage before we open our mouths? Come on Bahamians, MY PEOPLE, together we can do this, and clean up the country. TOGETHER. (*any developing country will inevitably see an increase of crime, mostly seen when a 3rd world country is developing.- check the books)

    • We equally find it sickening; DISGUSTING to see a head of state [Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham] talking about how dirty the underpants of the country is to a foreign government. When you “CONCERNED BAHAMIAN” find concern with that, then we and we are sure others would take you serious.

      And if you find it comforting to suggest the police may have been else where when they should have been on Bay Street then please tell us in the public where were they?


  4. i was dropping off someone in bozeen town of t darling highway lastnight when this tug walk across my car with a big 357 or 44 in his wast i later told some police they went to investigate when the tug see them he run they gave chase he stop pull up his shirt saying he dont have nothing on him saying please dont shoot his name is britney slim built brad hair i would love to give the police more info on this young boy doing **** someone will soon get kill by that same gum . this guy stay in the police hands he need to be taking of the street asp.

  5. I am a tourist to the Bahamas and visit frequently. Though I don’t understand all of the issues facing your nation I can’t help but say that the blame should fall on the parents. In reality the police can’t be everywhere and should not have to be. If those raising children fail to raise them in a loving home where morals and respect are taught they often grow up and fail to be a contributing member to society. You can double the police force and there will still be crime in Nassau, the root of the problem lies in the individual homes of Bahamians and every other nation of the world.

    There is no bigger responsibility on this earth than raising a family. Unfortunately the young ladies in many parts of the world are having them before they and their partner are mature enough to know the impact their actions have on children. If you really love kids, wait until you are old enough and established enough and with the right person before you start having them, this alone will make you a better parent.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see a reason to go to Nassau, but the remainder of the Bahamaian islands are amazing, you are all truly lucky to live in such a beautiful country.

    • @ James
      Thank you for your wise and considerate comments on our Bahamas. The reason for our national anger being vented on this incompetent government stems from its failure to address the issues related to illegal immigration, which spiraled out of control since the recent earthquake in Haiti back in January 2010.

      The first bumbling governmental mistake following the Haitian disaster was when the present Prime Minister released all the illegal Haitian immigrants who were being detained pending repatriation, into our communities, extracting only their word that they would return at some future date.

      This single act sent a subliminal message to the thousands of Haitian prisoners who escaped from the collapsed jail in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, to get to The Bahamas, where they would be safely coddled by our government, compromised Immigration officials and criminally-minded-Haitian-church-leaders, who would collect them in the Church busses once their raggedy boats made our shores.

      Yes James, we are mad as hell, when we consider that the Deputy Prime Minister, also the Minister for Immigration is hell-bent on naturalizing as many of these illegals as quickly as possible in a vain attempt to have their votes influence the next General Elections, which will be held here sometime before May 2012.

      More maddening still, is the realization that Tommy T, the Minister of National Security, also a member of the clueless Cabinet, has no idea of who the Police should be be searching for, following the daring daylight robbery on Bay Street by AK47 toting thugs, since undocumented criminals have no profile history and are able to depart as stealthily as they arrived.

      This lame game being played by the present government to retain Power at any price is destroying our schools, health care system and communities, now overcrowded by the arrival en masse of this poorly socialized, unwelcommed mob of predominantly Haitian nationals.

      Since we know that “Man will re-create his environment” then our once peaceful Bahamas being turned into a HELLHOLE like Haiti, is simply a reality conscious Bahamians are not prepared to accept.

      This same incompetent Minister of Immigration can not tell us how many illegal immigrants are in our midst, or how the children of illegal parents could ever qualify for Bahamian citizenship, since our Constitution clearly states that National Security concerns may preempt and thus prevent the claim of any foreign national from being granted Bahamian citizenship.

      Adding additional fire to our fury is the realization that our officials have failed to properly document the hand prints and footprints of the thousands of babies born to the prolific, illegal Haitian female population, thus enabling the re-sale of Bahamian Birth Documents as a thriving enterprise in Haiti.

      Can you imagine the frustration of not being able to prevent one Birth Certificate from facilitating the naturalization of hundreds of Haitian nationals by the same name, simply because all our records are still manually maintained and key data such as blood type, hand and footprints are not even entered so as to minimize the fraudulent misuse of Bahamian birth records!!!!

      Please pray for our Bahamas to appropriate competent national management, soon. With God’s help, we may yet be rescued from repeating Haiti’s reality, with its dead bodies on the roadside, uncollected for days at a time; its Cholera epidemic, the result of contamination of the water supply with human feces or its failed democratic-election efforts; sabotaged by a culture of ignorance and pervasive dishonesty!!!!

  6. I think what needs to be done to help stop crime is something Tommy, FNM, PLP, DNA, Papa nor any one else is prepared to do….FIRE (Most of)DA POLICE!! Crime did not get outta control overnight. Too much petty stuff been ignored for too long and criminals feel empowered! My experience is that the police really don’t check unless they absolutely have to..(murder) and even then its a half a$$ attempt! Go to them about traffic related incidents..dey ‘een no traffic cop! Go to them about young thugs hanging out, cursing, smoking dope, underage drinking…dey ‘een no babysitter. They are either “off duty”, not interested, “actively” investigating and can’t discuss or they can’t find the police report! And they don’t “turn on” their colleagues! Bottom line is the police are not proactive(in fact I’m really confused as to what is really their job) and you right..Tommy (and no one else) got the ba*** to replace them! All the same people who criticizing Tommy now, would want to HANG TOMMY if any police were “let go” for not doing their job!

  7. What the hell yall talking about, bout police. While I agree the police should have been patrolling the grounds, as they often do, they can not be every where, every second.

    There are many countries in the world where the police is not everywhere and the citizens dont look at it as an opportunity to violate others rights.

    Why are we not crying for change in laws and SWIFT JUSTICE in our courts that continue to send these cockroaches on the street when the police have already done their jobs.

    Stop locking up young boys for smoking a joint. His penalty should be 200 hours of community service, like cleaning the parks,painting and maintaining government building, so he will not feel the need to destroy what he has helped to clean up later on.

    Save the space in HMP for these nasty hardened criminals who dont know how to behave, including our currupt lawyer politians who benefit most.

    • So if John Bull was robbed, you mean to tell us Sunday is the day to go downtown and rob tourist!


  8. we the people who have the responsibility to manage the force/ government are not serious about the crime issue when i can garantee that the police who were assign for bay street they detailed them for some other function that was considered more important , man there is so many internal issues plaquing the force with out side interference that they cant do there job and the peolpe incharge of these areas are only concern but themself being promoted. allow the police to police n see what happens police business.

  9. BP Sir,
    My main questions are: what are the Policies, as well as the checks and balances for ANY law enforcement officer that carries weapon?

    First and foremost I think we must appear to be a “GUNLESS” society. There are far to many people with guns in public places, and the average Civilian is not sure who is “FISH or FOWL” (Police or Civilian).

    Example: I was at a Chinese restaurant last night, and a man in civilian cloth was have dinner with a lady, to my amazement he had a gun in his waist, I “ASSUMED” he was a police officer (this nonsense must stop).

    Also on Friday past, I observe a young Police officer “Constable” to be exact, in uniform, he pulled up to COB’s Library (Chapter One) and DD’s, what got my attention is that, he was the passenger, with a civilian driving the car.

    The officer came out with a gun at his side (he was walking as if the gun was the pride of his life, fiddling with the weapon every second). I become highly uneasy, because thy looked unsure as to why they were there. I gently raised my Blackberry phone to record the seen, that is when, the officer notice and came over to see what I was doing, we cordially greeted me and continued pacing the DD’s floor, as his “CIVILIAN DRIVER” who appeared nervous continued to order.

    BP there must be clear Policies for Gun slingers.

  10. Heads should roll!!! To show leadership in this situation,Greenslade needs to hold accountable whom ever was responsible for deploying the officers to Bay street, he should be demoted and the officers should be put on suspension without pay!! For this very reason, Bay Street needs a three eye approach. The police, the MOT along with the the Bay Street Development group, should all be each others keeper. MOT should always be present and if they see no police presence, they need to make a call directly to the Commisioners office, and the members of Bay Street Development should do the same. All of them have a vested interest in protecting the tourism product!

  11. The actions of these young men that chose to enter into the heart of the tourist mecca with a dam assault rifle, guns ablaze, and rob ms. john bull in full view of the tourists, the engine of this economy, is nothing short of treason.

    These men should not be brought into police custody alive. The officer that chooses to bring in these men alive should be charged with abdication of his duties to the Bahamian public.

    If these men are’t dealt with swiftly and harshly, then the nation is cursed and damned. The only resolution to what they have done is the shedding of their blood.

    Sadly we have come to the point in our history in which the only solution to this wanton slackness, and wickedly is for the guillotine to fall on necks.

  12. Man plenty a these fellas just lazy. They want a quick buck. Man I hear some fellas them talking one time bout how they could make more money stealing car stereo in the night than they do on their job. I don’t care how bad the economy get, there is always another way out instead of robbing people. If ya gat to cut grass(the haitians is charge ya sometimes $100 and up), wash car, sell peanut or phone card. Stop being lazy and making excuses Bahamians. The foreigners are coming here and working earning the money that you could have. But the guys wanna sit on the blocks and plan the next robbery.

  13. I think the police was getting they boil fish and grits at the time – how convenient. There are many times I drive downtown on Bay Street and if I am lucky I may spot one or two foot patrols. Normally you find them in two’s chit-chatting and quite oblivious to what is going on around them.

    This is the type of “slackness” that has been going on for years. In one of your articles you talk about “Public Servants” I think you should have retitled that “Public Mis-Servants” because the level of service you get from persons working in Government jobs is absolutely disgusting. They deal with you like you owe them something!

    This all comes down to accountability – which in the public sector is top-down management and not the other way around. I don’t only want to see the police attacked but just would like for people who get paid by public funds to “straighten up and fly right” man!

    You talk about change, lets start with some micro management stuff like this… I say straighten up or step the hell to da side so someone more capable can do a better job. And notice BP I did not name any Political parties – I am addressing the Bahamian public at large.

  14. Maria, I agree with you! But BP believes in him 110% but not the Minister who I also think should be removed???
    Frankly,speaking about crime this proves what is being said about town and that is the Bahamas does not have a crime problem it has a serious policing problem!! Stop heaping praise on a police force whose sole solution to crime is operation rapid strike and harrassing the general public by way of road blocks. All they simply need to do is patrol be visible, you think they would have robbed JB if they was visible!! How simple!
    But BP you continue to believe in Greenslade 110% we gan believe in Mossberg, Smith & Wesson etc cause they comin for us next!
    Oh by the way PAPA say he don’t care about crime cause its only people killing and hurting people they know, what a JA!!!

  15. … this looks really bad. We say that tourism is our #1 industry but yet we are treating tourist and our own this way on a blessed Sunday morning. I mean where are the professionals (i.e. police and other personalle (min of tourism) who keep these tourist frequented areas as protected as possible?

    God help us!

  16. What else do you expect to happen when the FNM government has caused this problem by raising the price on everything? People are loosing their homes, can’t pay utilities and cant put food on their tables because this Government has given jobs to foreigners instead of Bahamians. PLease don’t tell me anything about the PLP did something four years ago because the FNM is the Govt now. If they can’t make a change then they need to be changed. He’ll the Minister of National Security has a history of dealing with money and can’t even put a good budget together for the Police to fight crime. The criminals have better guns than the Police to begin with, better bikes etc. It seems as if the Govt is trying to put us back into a lifestyle like Jamaica and Haiti and the rest of the broke Carribean.

    • you have a right to steal and kill because the price of goods went up? what a crock of s…. The fnm introduced the food assistance programme, turned back on the lights for pppl who didnt pay their bill, offer reduced price of medications.Yes the plp did none of this and crime was rampant when the plp was in power and they did nothing. The plps suck and stopped everything the fnm had started.This is no new promblem so stop blaming the fnm. What the hell the plp gave the police when they were in power? Who bragged about the millions of dollars in foreign investment? the plp thats who and not a crap was shown for all of this supposed money coming in.

  17. How about calling for the resignation of the chief of police? governments cannot stop crimes anywhere in the world thats the police’s job. Why cant someone in this country hold the police responsible for once. You know why thugs do not fear the police? they never get caught.

    • Government can prevent crime by keeping its citizens employed. No employment means more crime. So increase tax translates to increase crime because the more you tax the more businesses are closing which results in more unemployment. And working foreigners means unemployed Bahamians. This just goes to show you how smart Ing-Ru and laing are. Look at what we pay to get the tourist and what we collect in added taxes to lose them to crime. The money that is spend putting people in jail and facilitating illegals could be spent empowering our people with opportunities.

  18. BP Tommy ain’t looking so good today.
    If Police Foot Patrols are not in the hands of Tommy to reduce the chances of our citizens and visitors crossing paths with our thugs on our main street, may I ask what in the hell will he do when the thugs start kidnapping our citizens and visitors?
    It’s not only past the time to remove the minister but any PM from running our Police Force.
    BP where did that $12 million Tommy spent on policing go?

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