DAVIS: A Renewed PLP Will Be Ready To Govern


Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip “Brave” Davis and Deputy Leader Chester Cooper will remain at the helm of the political party as both incumbents were unopposed!

PLP Leader Philip “Brave” Davis surrounded by supporters at the 54th National PLP Convention currently being held at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort, Cable Beach.

NASSAU| Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis is urging all PLPs to remain strong as the work being done to renew the party is not in vain because it is building a party that is ready to govern, ready to stand up for Bahamians, ready to tackle our nation’s most urgent problems.

Sending this special message to PLPs on the eve of the 54th National General Convention, Davis said, “We are looking forward to an exciting and productive convention.  Bahamians are going to see a party that is filled with purpose and energy. 

“It is our hope that our Call to Action is heard far and wide, as we invite all citizens to join the movement and contribute to building a better Bahamas.”

A packed hall on the first night of the 54th PLP National Convention at the Melia Ballroom Cable Beach.