Davis encourages support for small businesses…

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis at the Tin Ferl operation at the Dundas Yard.

Conch fritters, fish, duffs, ginger lemonade, hot dogs, bubble tea, steak, smoothies, spices and more. You can find it all at Tin Ferl, a vibrant community representing the best of The Bahamas.

THANK YOU to all of the inspiring entrepreneurs who took the time to speak with me about their businesses and share their stories about how COVID restrictions are impacting them.

I was so impressed by the ingenuity, passion and tenacity of the Bahamians behind each pop-up shop. They are working hard to realize their dreams and provide fellow Bahamians with opportunities, but at the moment times are really tough.

They told me it’s extremely difficult to plan or invest or hold onto staff with the threat of lockdowns hanging over them. The uncertainty is so bad for business.

If you are able, go check Tin Ferl out — and bring your appetite. Like so many businesses struggling to survive this time, they can use our support. I want to urge the government, too, to change course.

Adopt a real plan to fight COVID. Lockdowns aren’t a plan – they’re a sign of failure. We need to test enough to keep up with the spread of this virus. And given so many Bahamians are struggling financially, that testing should be free.To all of the amazing entrepreneurs at Tin Ferl – I have your back.

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