DAVIS: Where did the more than $2billion borrowed go?

MP for Cat Island Rum Cay and San Salvador Philip Brave Davis

NASSAU| “This government keeps making dumb mistakes” and the people cannot afford these mistakes said Mr. Davis as he attacked the government on its budgetary priorities.

Davis argued that the country is not doing worse because of three principle reasons:

-The PLP opened Baha Mar

-The strength of the US economy.

-No natural disasters like destructive hurricanes.

Of the $8 billion in projects Peter Turnquest announced said Mr. Davis, he, Turnquest only listed three projects totalling $181 million.

Mr. Davis continued that the FNM borrowed four times in this current fiscal year just to pay salaries and extended the overdraft at RBC three times to meet salary commitments.

Where did the more than $2billion borrowed go asked Davis?

Where did the VAT money that Peter Turnquest brags about suddenly go, again asked Mr. Davis?

The Town Hall meeting took place at the PLP’s Headquarters on Monday, 3rd June 2019.