Davis: Zero Tolerance To Corruption In New PLP


Philip Brave Davis delivering his Acceptance Speech –
Scenes the PLP 53rd National Convention.

Nassau – Under his watch as the newly re-elected leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis promises that there will be “zero tolerance” to corruption in the party, as the PLP must now remain committed to its journey of reform and renewal.

Corruption tears at the fabric of our social compact. Where it exists, it must be punished, Davis said while giving his victory speech to excited PLPs during the climax of the 53rd National Convention held October 22 – 25. He noted that not only is private gain at the expense of public progress a terrible kind of sin, but so is the promotion of false accusations of corruption. Davis emphasized that such acts increase cynicism about public life when we need to encourage participation.

Davis warned that those who scorch the reputation of others to score cheap temporary political points are really hurting the country and, in the end, history will not look upon them with kindness.

The Member of Parliament for Cat Island, San Salvador and Rum Cay said the current Government wants people to believe that everything was broken under the PLP. This, he said, was a major ‘disservice’ to all those who were working hard against long odds for change. He reiterated that it is easy to tear down, but so hard to build real changes.

To those engaging in corruption or false accusations of corruption, Davis advises that they will be judged not by the entertainment value of their latest conspiracy theories, but by what they do for people.

Scenes the PLP 53rd National Convention.