Hubert Minnis and his FNM Government clearly don’t know what in the hell they are doing – NO PLAN!


Hubert Minnis misspoke at MCM banquet over the weekend…

Dear Editor,

PM Hubert Minnis’ suggestion as to who can run the country really made me laugh this morning.

An FNM Administration could not sell this thought by Minnis – shopped by the wutless media Monday morning – to the thousands now facing termination in the country.

He could not sell that statement about the PLP anywhere on Grand Bahama, which is on its belly economically and for weeks has asked the Leader of the FNM to fix their community.

Minnis could not sell his thoughts about the PLP to anyone now facing increased electricity costs nor higher fuel costs now being presented at the pumps.

Nor could Minnis convince anyone in the country that he could run a country – especially with the daily slaughters, which have now occurred against the innocent.

Here is a man who could not hold together an opposition, and became a joke when his own members declared that Minnis had a “TRUST DEFICIT”. His own opposition members could not trust him and they knew all along what the country is now finding out.

PM Minnis and his FNM, who have yet to design one plan for the Bahamas, are having a conscience meltdown where as daily more and more Bahamians are losing confidence in his administration.


A defected ex-FNM supporter