DCMO has officially left the Bahamas for Washington DC and has taken up a post in the Tourism satellite office as health liaison while keeping his title!


Who will be the first to honestly tell taxpayers about the move to WASHINGTON DC of the DCMO Dr Delon Brennen?

Dr. Delon Brennen

NASSAU| Bahamas Press as we reported back in August is now confirming Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO) Dr. Delon Brennen has taken up a job outside The Bahamas.

Dr. Brennen, who BP reported had given notice of his soon departure from the Bahamas, had denied our claims at the time in the Tribune (BP’s story was published on August 20th, 2020).

We can report the DCMO has moved to Washington DC where he has opened a private practice. Only Bahamas Press will tell you DCMO Brennen is now operating in the US capital as a health liaison officer for the Ministry of Tourism’s satellite office while the country is sweltering and sinking under the COVID19 pandemic.

The move which was approved by the Cabinet of the Bahamas with full approval of the Prime Minister comes with a sweetheart deal of keeping the title of Deputy Chief Medical Officer. The transition comes with an even bigger salary, housing, and all the perks. WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS?

And while Dr. Brennen slips into DC he will open his practice there while still moonlighting with the Bahamas government! We keep telling ya’ll “It’s THESE PEOPLE TIME!”

Dr. Brennen is a paediatrician.

We just wonder when the Minnis Government, which approved Dr. Brennen’s new package and transition, was going to tell you this! In the middle of a COVID PANDEMIC the DCMO has fled the country to save himself.

We report yinner decide!