Murders #97 & 98 since 2009…Bodies lay dead in the road in Bain & Grants Town Community


Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News now coming into BP tell us two bodies lay dead in the road in the Bain and Grants at this hour. BP can report the incident has occurred on Rupert Dean Lane around 10am.

Reports are sketchy at this time but the incident will push the murder count up to 10 for the year.

Yesterday a woman was stabbed to death in a domestic dispute and a man died after suffering his gunshot wounds for several days in PMH. Today’s shooting pushes BP’s murder count to 98 since 2009.

Police suspect this incident is another vigilante killing. Both victims are believed to be in twenties. This latest incident happened only hours after the Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham released his response to crime and crime fighting measures. Well the criminals have responded in kind.

Tommy T needs to go and GO NOW and take his first cousin Duane Sands with him.

We need change!


  1. Vigelantism is the inevitable result of a dysfunctional court system, delivering not justice, but collusion with political rule.
    Society needs a system of justice for all disputes between peoples, or chaos will reign.
    Welcome to the Bahamas.

  2. The hood will always be the hood. Hood like tradgedies will always occur. Alls we can do is hape more police visible in those areas, maybe some closed circuit tv’s etc.

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