FNM money to flow coming this Monday in Elizabeth but Ryan Pinder SHALL SIT AS THE NEXT MP FOR Elizabeth


Dr.-Sands-2 Members of the FNM team in Elizabeth on the ground.

Nassau, Bahamas They say it is difficult to beat a government in a by-election. They say the government has plenty, plenty money to spend on the ground in the Elizabeth by-election.

This past Wednesday, The FNM government rolled out plans to hand out 2,600 temporary jobs. Public Works Minister Neko Grant in announcing the programme said 150 people selected would be placed in properly structured priority projects, which would be carried out over the next six months.

Grant said the new employees would work on naming streets and numbering homes throughout New Providence. Work has already begun on the first phase of the program, which takes place in the Elizabeth constituency, where a by-election is scheduled to take place on February 16. Bahamas Press told you in December last year how the programme will begin in Elizabeth long before it was known that a by-election would come. We were RIGHT, AGAIN!

FNM sources tell us the money shall flow on the ground inLizzybeginning Monday 8th, February 2010. They tell us the money will be in the FNM shirt, the bag and in the cars and on the streets up in Elizabeth.

They tell us the cookie jar will be in Elizabeth. All the public money given to an FNM goon in a contract to build a building for National Insurance, which the Prime Minister has yet to answer Parliament on, shall flood its way onto the corners of Lizzy.

They say the money handlers shall be handling the bag and dispensing cash everyday leading up to Election Day. Look what squander of the public purse is being allowed for an election in the Bahamas. And the WUTLESS MEDIA says not a DAMN WORD!

We note again squander of public money to favour the Ingraham government in a by-election! We warn residents of Elizabeth this is the same borrowed money you and your children could have been paid with in stable jobs had the Ingraham government not fired so many workers.

This is the same money, which could have been negotiated by the government to keep the Hotel Corporation of the Bahamas workers and thousands of hotel workers employed in Lizzy.

This is the same money residents in Elizabeth could have felt and found to assist when Ingraham government unceremoniously turned off their lights and cast them into darkness in 2008/9.

Ingraham1123And this is the same money hundreds of young school leavers could have used had the Government Guarantee Loan Scheme was not cancelled. The money could have supported the education of our children; the future leaders of the Bahamas.

More so, the FNM has decided to distract, deflect, the public attention on the state of the nation with a by-election. They’ve decided to hoodwink the public with all the noise of jingles and campaigning while the treasury is BROKE and the government is drowning in a sea of debt.

Bahamas Press advises the public to reject Ingraham’s Cookie Jar raid. Remember Elizabeth, Sands called you GREEDY but he’s blind as to how Mugabe is raiding the cookie jar!


Our endorsed candidate in the Elizabeth by-election is RYAN PINDER and we ask all readers of BP in Lizzy to support him and deliver him to Parliament as your next representative.


  1. I agree with you awakened. I think rollins is un undercover fnm because I’ve heard him speak and he seems to have no problem with pappa, I see rollins as another malcolm adderly. He is only in it for his own personal agenda.
    I was undecided on who I was gonna vote for until last week and I also was gonna at least listen to what dr sands had to say until I listend to bits of the dogface mans addres. I’m coinvinced that oogly hubert man is trying to keep bahamians poor because he only talked about blue collar constructioin jobs that are only temporary employment. What about the long term outlook on life? What about “the key to success” he has no ideas or plans to assist bahamians in becoming successful so eff papa. Eff him to da pitts of hell.

  2. BE Real and Honest for once BP
    Both FNM and PLP are giving out money!
    Anyone who say different, either one don’t know what happening or lying.

  3. Your right Russell, what was amazing o me is that Rollins seem to concentrating on knocking the PLP more than governing party, he had one question for Sands and three for Ryan, unless he feels that Ryan is the man, but I’ve heard him on couple talk shows, and he hits the opposition and has nothing to say about the government, I believe the NDP is just a plant(distraction) for the FNM.

  4. I guess the disgraced former editor of the Nassau G, feels left out.. so glad too bad… now get jealous…  

  5. Ok.  PLP are now desperate.   When you are out of gas, you do and say some crazy things……I cannot wait until the debate.

    • Be careful what you ask for as Dr Sands has so many questions that the country needs answers for.He opposed National Health Insurtance and then called some of the persons in Lizzy greedy.I have listened intently to the candidates on the various talk shows and have seen holes in many presentations.Dr Rollins in particular does not answwer questions but just taks,He is a PAPA duplicate and Dr Sands is just plain dull and seems out of it.Cassius Stuart,Rodney Moncur and Ryan Pinder will make the better contribution to the debate.

  6. Well they better make it rain on me if they want my vote cause ine want em come here swingin they hand. I’m so disappointed on cassius stuart, he is showing just how weak he is in his campaign efforts. I really hope for change arounf here but sadly enough stuart is not the person to bring about this change.

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