Dear Member of Parliament


Dear MP,

This morning is indeed a sad time in the lives of many Bahamians. Democracy died as chaos erupted and swarms of angry, hungry and jobless Bahamians took to the street this morning in localised demonstrations in response to the failed COVID response policies of the government after 6 months of lockdowns, economic decline and lost jobs.

At the dead of the evening on Monday, August 17, 2020, after all local banks, stores and gas stations were closed, the Prime Minister, The “Most” Honourable Hubert Minnis, announced an immediate 7 day lockdown of the Bahamas–this lockdown meant the immediate closure of all businesses to include grocery stores and gas stations. This draconian and last minute response to the climbing COVID infection numbers and a failed health policy, left many, including me and my family without food, water, prescription drugs and the basic needs to survive for 7 days in their homes. This was the last proverbial straw as the level unemployment numbers reach nearly 50% and at last count over 110K Bahamians, 1/4 of the population, have signed up for the food assistance program.

I am writing in my appeal to you as my Member of Parliament. What is your response to this act by the Prime Minister? Were you consulted? Did you ask my feedback? Did you make provisions for me and my family? What time will you be visiting today to provide assistance to me and family?

When I elected you to serve I was looking for a leader that gave me a voice. The competent authority is attempting to silence me and has obviously silenced you. What will be your response?

Signed your constituent