Decision to approve track facility at National Stadium is underway in Barcelona at this hour


World IAAF Sport Council is meeting at this hour – Will they approve Bahamas new sports facility

Bahamas National Stadium.

Barcelona, Spain — We have our fingers and toes crossed with our eyes fixed at the IAAF Conference in Barcelona at moment as the world sports body is set to release the names of the 26 sports facilities approved by the organization.

This will determine if the Bahamas will be able to host the CARIFTA Games 2013 next Easter. This will also confirm whether we will be able to host the World Relays event, which has already been slotted for the Bahamas at the new stadium.

The word is mum in the media on the developments, and only silence can be had from Barcelona where Pauline Davis-Thompson is sitting on that deciding committee. BP is in the room and shall relive the Bahamas of its anxiety as soon as the word is given.

We have attempted to contact Mike Sands president of the BAAA, who is unable take calls as he is in deep sorrow and is being comforted following the passing of his mentor Tommy Robinson.