Desmond Bannister hires his daughter as his [get this] personal assistant in Works!

Minister for works Desmond Bannister.

Nassau – Some Ministers really don’t give a damn what the public thinks about them these days and Minister for Works Desmond Bannister is one such Minister of the Government.

We at BP have agents now posted in every corner of the Government who have advised us that the Minister for Works Bannister has hired his daughter as his personal assistant.

One must wonder what Bannister is thinking that he couldn’t find a job for her somewhere else in Government, like tourism or BAIC, where they are firing everybody?

Bannister’s daughter, who we can confirm by DNA test, is now posted in the position, but we question whether she ever goes to work?

We wonder if the media is even interested in this story as we know they have a serious concern when it comes to hiring of friends, family and lovers. Maybe there is an exception to this hire. BP will not publish the identity of the hire in this case but, rest assured, there is more to come!

We report yinner decide!