Detainees escape from Detention Centre in all the rain…


Only in the BAHAMAS! – Detainees escape from Detention Centre tonight

Detention Centre in Southwestern New Providence - FILE PHOTO

Nassau, Bahamas — Amid loud thunders and sharp lightening flashes BP is reporting detainees at the Detention Centre have made good their escape.

Late tonight while rain was falling, detainees were perhaps scaling the walls or walking through the double gates for the centre in the Southwestern New Providence, making their great escape while officers fell down on the job. BP got word of the incident around 9pm tonight, however, no official word has come as to when the incident occurred.

In the dark – thanks to special assistance from BEC’s power failure in the area – police and officers were combing the area hoping to locate the escapees.

Imagine that; late in the night, in the mud, rain and thunder, mixed with a BEC supply cut detainees at the Detention Centre vanishes like Houdini.

All we can say is this; WHAT A COUNTRY!

We report yinner decide!