Devaluation possible in Bahamian currency as Minnis Government runs a reckless borrowing train without ANY PLAN!!!


IMF officials in town last week asks where Financial Secretary Simeon Wilson and who is running the country?

Church offering low as bad economy and reckless decisions create massive unemployment

Nassau – WORRIED Revs say the people of an out island are being ruined by webshop gambling.

The concerned Pastors and Revs claim that many regular churchgoers have cut back drastically on paying tithes because they’re broke from gambling.

And many of the families of Long Island reportedly have gone back to “living by the lamp with no water”—that is using hurricane lamps and candles because their lights have been cut off due to unpaid BEC bills.

Women in particular are hooked on gambling in the 13 webshop casinos in the settlements of Long Island. Some mothers are leaving gaming houses in the middle of the night selling [yinner know what] after losing everything.

Reports are that the children are going to bed hungry and waking up starving as they for school; with no social service assistance!

“The community is becoming a desolate place where webshops and a bad economy is causing Bahamians to become desperate! Even the banks have fled our community,” one observer said.

As a result of the gambling addictions, residents are failing to pay mortgages, rents, school fees and cannot meet grocery bills.

But while all this is happening the Minnis Government is firing in a massive downgrade exercise across the country.

The move, policy observers say, could only cripple the local economy of the Bahamas, create a dollar devaluation situation and move unemployment to record breaking levels.

More than 5,712 Bahamians have been fired from across the public service and this March RBC will close four key branches. Some 200 workers will also go home at the country’s leading phone company in voluntary separation packages.

“More Bahamians are out of work, more homes are being lost and more social problems have developed especially with the Rise Programme cancelled!”

Things around the country are getting so tight even the seniors are becoming victims to crime and violence. On Saturday morning Paul Melbourne, 70, was stabbed to death by his female friend at an apartment complex off Carmichael Road. Was it over the lack of money?

Meanwhile, by government has increased spending on what nobody knows, and borrowing has ballooned by more than $1.7 BILLION in the last 10 months.

This cannot continue or we will suffer austerity programmes not scene since World War II well into the next decade.

We report yinner decide!