Did Hubert Ingraham get his law degree out of a Cracker Jack box?


Constitution spells out how a Writ of Elections is issued – Ingraham wrong again….

House Speaker, Dr. the Hon. Kendal V.O. Major, DDS, FICOI,DICOI

Nassau, Bahamas –– After one reads the constitution of the Bahamas, one then wonders whether the former Prime Minister picked up his law certificate out of a Cracker Jack box or found it in a pond somewhere in Coopers Town.

Without any reference to the Constitution, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham told a member of the press that he expects the North Abaco by-election as early as September 2.

The man who didn't believe in Bahamians cannot interpret the constitution?

“It’s a done deal, it’s finished, the battle is over and Jesus is Lord,” Mr Ingraham said. “I am going to be in Abaco on the second of September, the day that I expect they will call the by-election.”

Perhaps Ingraham was hallucinating after he saw the late FNM Chairman laid out for burial in the Parliament and start singing, “It is finished” in his head.

Ingraham is one character eh?

It will be finished soon in North Abaco, where, we are told, the people are rejecting and passing up the FNM Candidate like dumb Johnny cake on a Saturday morning.

One FNM general told BP, “The process by which they selected our candidate will cost us in the by-election.”

What Ingraham and the wutless media failed to do when Ingraham made his stupid statement was to advise him of the law, even though he is a lawyer himself.

Article 67 (3) of the Constitution spells out in detail what happens when a member vacates his seat in writing to the Speaker.

It Reads: (3) Whenever any person vacates his seat as a member of the House of Assembly for any reason other than a dissolution of Parliament, the Governor-General shall issue a writ for the election of a member to fill the vacancy and such election shall be held within (60) sixty days after the occurrence of the vacancy or, where the question whether a vacancy has occurred is determined under Article 51 of this Constitution, after that determination, unless Parliament is sooner dissolved to the date by which Parliament will be dissolved under the provisions of Article 66 of this Constitution is less than four months after the occurrence of the vacancy or, as the case may be, that determination.

Therefore it is not for Ingraham to say when an election is called, our living document – THE CONSTITUTION OF THE BAHAMAS – spells out in detail this and advises when an election must be held.

Now, the Governor General must be given notice of this intent to resign seat. And that notice will be issued from the speaker who will notify the Governor General.

One must wonder if Ingraham cannot understand this simple Parliamentary rule, what else in the country did he mess up to carry out what he felt his head told him to do.

And the wutless media right there sucking it up without resorting to the data available to them.

Boy I tell ya if ya don’t laugh you will cry.

We report yinner decide!


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